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Our area doesn’t start school until after Labor Day.  But for some, school has begun this week!  Today I’ve listed many different stores that have affordable Back to School items this week of August 12 through August 18, 2018.  The sales SHOULD continue through the beginning of September.  Then whatever stock remains MAY go on clearance in some areas if they is extra stock.  (I did not include CVS or RiteAid or any other store that I felt was still listing fairly “high prices” as sales.)

Here are the Affordable Back to School items for This Week!

KROGER (family of supermarkets)

Some sales are through August 14th, others last til September, check HERE for all the sale items.

Crayola crayons, 49 cents (limit 4)
Top Flight Filler Paper, 150 sheets, 89 cents
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 pk, $2.99
Elmer’s liquid glue, 59 cents
Mead portfolio, 10 for $10
OfficeWorks Pencils, 10 pk, 50 cents
Crayola Colored Pencils, $1.49
BIC Cristal pens, 10 pk, $1
Papermate pens, 10 pk, $1
Papermate Mechanical pencils, 10 pk, $1
Bic Xtra-Life Mechanical pencils, 10 pk, $1.49
Sharpie Highlighter, different colors, 4 pk, $1.49
Sharpie Highlighter 2 pk, $1
Top Flight Spiral Notebooks (70 pages), 20 cents
Top Flight Composition Books (100 sheets), 50 cents
Oxford Index Cards, 49 cents
Elmer’s Purple Glue Sticks, 3 pk, $1
OfficeWorks Pencil Sharpener, 59 cents
Crayola Markers, 12 pk, $1.49
Crayola Water Color Sets, $1.49
OfficeWorks Pink Eraser, 29 cents
OfficeWorks cap erasers, 15 pk, 59 cents


Great coupon this week if you are purchasing a large amount! CHECK HERE to read the details and print yours!
$10 off $50, $20 off $100, $40 off $200 and $100 off $500

Spiral Notebooks at 17 cents
Filler paper, 150 sheets, 50 cents
Composition Books, 50 cents

Another great gift is a MINI SEWING KIT! Check my post to learn what goes in them, and what containers to use!


Good prices at Walgreens this week – some are the lowest this year!

Paper Folders, 2 pocket, 10 for $1 in bulk (19 cents individually)
Paper Mate or Sharpie Pens, Mechanical Pencils or Highlighters, 99 cents
Paper Mate, Uniball or Sharpie pens, Mechanical Pencils or Highlighters, $2.99
Wexford Items on Sale:

  • Filler Paper (130 sheets), Spiral Notebook, Composition Book, Index Cards, Dry Erase Markers, Pens or Pencils (8 pk), 99 cents each
  • Erasers (cap, 15 ct. or 2 pk pink), Pencil Sharpener, Wooden Ruler or individual Highlighter, 5 for $1 (That’s 20 cents each when purchased in bulk) or 49 cents individually
  • Backpack, $4


Make sure to check all of the School Supplies Cartwheel offers for additional savings!

Beyond School Supplies, check the sale on School Uniforms! (with a 20% off Cartwheel Coupon that can be used in addition.)

Free Shipping at $35+ or with your Red Card.  You can also have items shipping to your store for FREE easy pickup!

Crayola markers, 10 ct, 99 cents
Crayola Colored Pencils, 99 cents
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Bic 10-ct. ballpoint pens in black, blue or red, 99 cents
Elmer’s 4-oz. liquid glue, 50 cents
Elmer’s glue sticks, 2 ct, 50 cents
2 pocket poly folder, 50 cents
Norcom filler paper 175-ct. college or wide ruled, 99 cents
Up&Up Pencils, 24 ct, $1.19
Up&Up colored pencils, 12 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up markers, 50 cents
Up&Up crayons, 25 cents
Up&Up pink erasers, 2 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up pencils, 24 ct, $1.19
Up&Up 8-ct. mechanical pencils , 99 cents
Unruled Index Cards, 49 cents
Ruled Index cards, 89 cents
Sharpie® Pocket Highlighters, Bold Tip, 2ct – Yellow, $1.29
Cap erasers, 25 ct, 50 cents
Wood ruler, 25 cents
Pencil Case, 99 cents
Check HERE for all the Back to School Discount Deals at Target!  You can purchase ONLINE and ship to store for FREE easy pickup!

Check out my Amazon “store” filled with all my favorite items! CHECK HERE


Looking for a Laminator to preserve your children’s projects?  I use mine for all sorts of crafts too!as well.

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

Westcott 6 pack blunt scissors, for Righties AND Lefties!

Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers, Ultra Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24 Count


Paper Folders, 15 cents
Filler Paper, 150 sheets, 75 cents
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Crayola Colored Penciles, $1
Spiral Notebooks, 50 cents

This week’s COUPON:  On School supplies (in the store ONLY) get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more

These are “in store only” deal, some have purchase limits:

Filler paper, 120 sheets, 50 cents (limit 5)
Pink Wedge Erasers, 3 pk, 50 cents
Pink Cap Erasers, 12 ct., 50 cents
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents (limit 30)
Slider plastic pencil cases, 50 cents (limit 5)
Elmer’s liquid glue, 50 cents
Index cards, 50 cents
Crayola colored pencils, 97 cents
Crayola markers, 97 cents
Staples glue sticks, 4 pk, 97 cents
Staples pens, 12 ct., 97 cents (limit 30)
Mechanical pencils, 12 pk, 97 cents (limit 30)
Poly folders, 35 cents (limit 30)
Spiral Notebooks, 25 cents (limit 30)
2 pk kids scissors, $1.75
Staples presharpened pencils, 72 pk, $8
Plastic ruler, $1

You can find affordable back to school items at Kole Imports online for bulk ordering. Just check THIS LINK HERE. Items start at just 25 cents!


This is the link to Dollar General Online. FREE SHIPPING at $40+ with code FREESHIP

–PLUS Save $5 on $15+ affordable Back to School Stationery Items with promo code SCHOOLSAVE. Offer valid through 9/4. In store, use coupon HERE.

Paper folders, 6 for $1
Index Dividers, or Sheet Protectors, 20 ct, 2 for $1
iMagine Yellow Pencils 18 ct., 50 cents
Colored Pencils 12 ct., 50 cents
Pink Erasers 2 ct., 50 cents
Cap Erasers 25 ct., 50 cents
iMagine School liquid glue, 4 for $1
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
iMagine Glue Sticks, 3 pk, 4 for $1
Filler paper, 125 ct, 75 cents
Backpacks starting at $3
Spiral notebooks, 3 for $1
Ticonderoga pencils, 24 ct., $2.75
Crayola Markers, $1.50
iMagine liquid Glitter Glue, $1

Too many to list them all! Check HERE for all the affordable Back to School items this week at Dollar General!


With any discount store, stock can be limited on certain items, but some Back to School items can be purchased online!

Dixon pencil variety 25-pack, $2 (includes: 14 no. 2 pencils, 6 eraser toppers, 4 pencil grips and 1 pencil sharpener)

BOGO Dixon pencils, 8 ct, $1
BOGO Mead composition or spiral notebook, $1
BOGO “Debbie Lynn” Markers, 10 ct, $1
BIC Cristal pens, 10 ct., $5 for 5
Elmers Glue Sticks, 8 ct, $2
Baseballs $1
Soccer Balls, Footballs, VolleyBalls $5
Backpacks, $5
Gel Pens, 48 pk, $5
Crayola Crayons, $1
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 26 ct, $3
BIC Mechanical Pencils, 27 ct, $5
Index Cards, $1
Elmer’s liquid glue, $1
Filler paper, $1
“The Board Dudes” Dry Erase Markers, 10 pk, $3
Pencil Cases, $1
3-ring Neon Binder 1in, $2
Pencil Sharpeners, 20 pk, $1 (not easy to find, but the best deal on sharpeners!)

Make your own JUMPROPES from t-shirts. Check my post for a fun easy craft for groups and kids!


Check my list of affordable Back to School items from over 12 different stores

If you order online, you can have them shipped to your store for FREE PICKUP or receive Free delivery at $35+

Composition books, 50 cents (lots of colors available HERE) (limit 6 per household)
Spiral Notebooks, 25 cents (limit 6 per household)
Crayola color pencils, $1 (limit 6 per household)
Crayola markers (Broad Line or Fine Tip), $1 (limit 6 per household)
Crayola crayons, 50 cents
Elmers liquid glue, $1
Elmers glue sticks, 4 pk, $2
OD Brand highlighters, 6 pk, $2 (limit 12 per household)
Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils, 18 pk, $4.50
Scholastic glue sticks, 4 pk, $1 (limit 12 per household)
Scholastic Crayons, 45 cents
Scholastic colored pencils, 89 cents
Scholastic markers (Fine Tip or Broad Tip) 89 cents
Scholastic kids scissors, 50 cents
Rulers, a variety from 25-50 cents
OD Pens, 10 pk, $1
OD filler paper, 400 sheets, $3
Paper folders, 15 cents
Poly folders, 35 cents
OD brand eraser caps, 12 ct, 60 cents
OD brand pencils, 12 pk, 75 cents
OD brand Pink Erasers, 3 pk, 75 cents
OD brand pencil sharpeners, 50 cents
OD Index cards, 100, (lined or unlined) 50 cents
Slider pencil box, 50 cents
Plastic pencil box, $1
Check HERE for all of their affordable Back to School items


Index cards, 50 cents
Poly folders, 50 cents
Spiral Notebooks, 17 cents
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Elmer’s liquid glue, 50 cents
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 pk, $4
BIC pens, 10 ct, $1
Elmers Glue Sticks, 2 pk, 50 cents
Dixon Yellow #2 pencils, 8 ct, 75 cents
BIC mechanical pencils, 10 pk, $2
RoseArt eraser caps, 30 ct, 75 cents
Plastic pencil box, $1
Paper folders, 17 cents
Sharpie black markers, 2 pk, $1


Purchase online (click here) and choose free easy store pickup!

Pen+Gear Sheet protectors, 25 pk, $1.92
Pen+Gear Composition Books, 50 cents
Pen+Gear decorated “reward” pencils, 12 ct., 97 cents
Sharpie pocket highlighters, 6 pk, $2.24
Georgia Pacific copy paper, $2.97
CrazArt colored pencils, 12 pk, 50 cents
CrazArt Crayons, 24 ct, 25 cents
CrazArt Markers, 10 ct, 50 cents
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct, 50 cents
Plastic pencils box, 97 cents
Zippered pencil case, 97 cents
Spiral Notebooks, 25 cents
Crayola Markers, 10 ct, 97 cents
Composition Books, 50 cents

PLUS some stores will have Pen+Gear 4 pk of mini notepads on clearance for 88 cents each.  Check this “Brickseek Walmart Inventory” to see if your local stores have any available in stock. (just put in your zip code)

Did you get last week’s SmartSource insert coupons?  They are still good this week!

  • BIC $1/2 Stationery products (expires 8/24)
  • BIC $1/1 Xtra-fun pencil product (expires 8/24)
  • BIC $1/1 Atlantis ball pen product (expires 8/24)

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  1. Thanks for the list! I have frequented CVS in the past for school supplies, but have been very disappointed with their sales this year too.

    • Hi Marilyn. You are mentioning that liquid glue is not allowed for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. However, this blog does not promote any one specific ministry. I list items that would be great for many charities including local backpack programs, children at homeless shelters, Native American reservations, etc. Each has different rules and any individual donating to any ministry should check those out ahead of time.

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