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I love playing with Barbies!  For me the absolute best part has always been the miniature accessories!  I have a whole box of tiny bits and bobs that I package together with a Barbie gift.   I love including them in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.   I’ve collected or made purses, little books, umbrellas, ribbons, shoes, flowers, etc.  But today I’ll show you the EASIEST way to make a Glittery Barbie necklace!  It’s a simple DIY!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!How to Make this EASY Barbie Necklace:

DIY How to Make a Barbie Necklace

When I was planning my daughter’s wedding shower, I checked the “favor” and “party” sections of every single dollar-type store in town.  I ended up discovering the most interesting little miniatures that could be used for fashion dolls accessories.

Barbie accessories

They were so PERFECT for Barbie use!  I found some Baby Shower favors Like these:

For the necklaces I used “baby bracelets” I got at Dollar Tree.  About 16 to a package for $1.  They resemble the bracelets babies used a great many years ago with their names in alphabet beads.  Both my kids had regular plastic strip name bracelets from the hospital, but my own mom did save my baby bead bracelet – over 60 years ago! Gasp!

How to make a Barbie Necklace

Anyway!  On one side you can barely see the slightly raised letters that say B A B Y.  The other side is smooth.  I hot glued sequins onto the raised letters to hide them.  Voila!    That’s it!  Done!  Complete!  It can’t get easier than that!  Glamorous and fun Barbie necklace (and inexpensive!)  They fit easily around the doll’s neck and they stay on!

Perhaps you’d now like to make other accessories?  Check out my easy tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A BARBIE HEADBAND! 

How you can upcycle plastic rings to make a Barbie Headband

These are some dresses from Amazon – they make my upcycled fashion dolls rather glamorous.  The lace might run only on the front (each pack is different), but with lace, ribbons and other details – they are nicer than I could have made!

Then I’ve bought several dozen of “Barbie” shoes at Amazon as well.  They come in different colors and sizes which is great because I have every kind of Barbie and fashion doll in my fix-up box.  Believe it or not they ALL HAVE DIFFERENT FEET!  I sit with all of my girls and keep trying on shoes until they fit and match the outfits!

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Check my Disclosure policy.

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