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Here are the best prices for office and school supplies this week of July 15 through July 21, 2018.  Summer is the best time to shop.  Don’t wait until September to get the majority of your items.  There will be clearances, but the supplies will be greatly diminished.  And the rest of the items will bounce back to full price.

Here are the best prices for office and school supplies for July 15-July 21:


Backpacks, $5
Pencil Sharpeners, 20 ct, $1 (This is the best deal on sharpeners.  It’s just a little difficult to find available stock in all the stores.  You can always have a chat with the manager!)


Most of their items are hygiene supplies (Check their entire list HERE) they do offer a number of school and office supplies.  Scroll down the list to the middle of the page to find the “Office Supplies” listing.  They have scissors, post-it notes and more – all with Free Shipping.

One of the items is short pre-sharpened “GOLF” pencils.  The size is about 1/2 that of an actual pencil.  At less than 3 cents, they are a good deal if you are purchasing in BULK.  They have a case of 4,320 golf pencils for a total of $116.34 with free shipping.  That comes to 2.6 cents per pencil.

Golf pencils at MDSupplies for best prices for office and school supplies this week


Many of these deals are “in store only” deals and limited to available store stock

BIC pens, 12 ct., 50 cents (limit 5)
Wedge erasers, 3 ct, 50 cents
Pencil cap erasers, 12 ct, 50 cents
Wooden ruler, 50 cents
Index cards, 50 cents
Wooden Ruler, 50 cents
Crayola colored pencils, 12 pk, 97 cents (limit 30)
Staples 5″ kids’ scissors, 2/pack, 97 cents — THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!
Crayola markers, fine tip and broad tip, 97 cents (limit 30)
Spiral Notebooks, 70 pg, 25 cents (limit 30)
Staples liquid glue, 50 cents
Staples pencils, 12 ct, 50 cents (limit 30)

Have the kids make their own pencil cases from recycled cereal boxes.


Good deal on BIC Xtra Life pens, 144 in a box

Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers, 24 pk

Here’s a fun item I use to decorate notebooks, folders, pencil cases, etc—a HUGE pack of assorted Washi Tapes!

Check out my Amazon “store” with all my favorite items! CHECK HERE


I no longer have these stores near me – but I’m excited that they can be purchased online with free delivery at $35+ OR if you do have a store, you can choose FREE PICKUP IN STORE – if you have one!  That can be a great time saver for you.  They tend to put the items all over the store and it can be quite a treasure hunt at times!  There is also a $20 off $125 coupon available.

OD brand pencil sharpeners, 50 cents
Scholastic liquid glue, 50 cents (12 per household)
OD brand beveled erasers, 3 in a pack, $1.25
BIC pens, 12 pk, $1.50 (12 per household) (Amazon above is a MUCH better deal)
OD brand kid’s scissors, 50 cents
OD brand pencils 12 ct, 75 cents
OD brand index cards, (lined or blank) 300 ct, $1.25
Composition books, 50 cents (a bunch of fun colors available HERE) (12 per household)
Rulers, a variety from 25-50 cents
Crayola crayons, 50 cents
Plastic pencil box, $1
OD brand eraser caps, 12 ct, 60 cents
Crayola color pencils, $1
Crayola markers (Broad Line or Fine Tip), $1
Scholastic Crayons, 45 cents (12 per household)
Scholastic colored pencils, 89 cents (12 per household)
Scholastic markers (Fine Tip or Broad Tip) 89 cents (12 per household)


At this point, Big Lots continues to have the best price on notebooks:

Spiral Notebooks,17 cents
2 pocket folders, 17 cents
Composition 100 page notebooks, 50 cents
Filler Paper, 150 ct, $1


Some items can be purchased online and have free ship to store for easy pickup!

AND if you are a teacher — “For the first time, Target’s offering teachers nationwide 15 percent off select classroom supplies, from pens, pencils, crayons and markers to classroom storage and organization and tissues, hand sanitizer and more, in stores and on July 15-21.”  GO HERE to grab your coupon code for your online shopping!
Target’s best back-to-school prices just click here

Wood ruler, 25 cents
Up&Up crayons, 25 cents
Up&Up pronged folder, 50 cents
Mead spiral notebook, 50 cents
Elmer’s 4-oz. liquid glue, 50 cents
Up&Up, pink erasers, 2 ct, 50 cents
Index cards, 50 cents
Up&Up pencils, 8ct, 50 cents
Up&Up colored pencils, 12 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up pencil sharpener, 50 cents
BIC pens, 10 ct, 99 cents (Amazon has a much better price HERE)
Crayola markers, 10 ct, 99 cents
Sharpie highlighters, 3 ct, $1.69 (Amazon has a better price HERE)
Elmer’s glue sticks, 2 ct, 50 cents
Cap erasers, 25 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up markers, 50 cents

You can upcycle empty tennis ball containers  to use as pencil case!  A FREE and fun craft to do with scouts, 4-H and other groups!


Dollar Tree has great prices on School Supplies that runs all summer long.

Pencil sharpeners 12 for $1
Pencils, 24 for $1
Filler Paper, 150 sheets, $1
Plastic Pencil Cases, $1
Lightweight Drawstring Backpacks, $1
Pencil Top Erasers, 40 ct, $1
Bic Pens, 10 pk $1
Mechanical Pencils 6 ct, $1
1″ Binders, $1
Plus many other discount school supplies too many to list.  CHECK HERE for all the school supply items at Dollar Tree.  It’s difficult to find them all in stock in store, but you can purchase online and have them ship to your store for easy pickup for free (for most locations).


Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Crayola colored pencils, $1
Crayola Markers, $1.50
Plastic pencil box or pouch, $1
BIC Round Stic Xtra Life, 10-Pack Black, $1.50 (much cheaper elsewhere)
Inc Clip Click Pens – 8 ct, $1
Filler paper, 125 sheets, $1
Elmer’s White Glue, $1
Imagine White Glue, 4 for $1
Crayola Construction paper, 96 sheets, $2.75
Imagine pencils, 8 pk, 50 cents, 18 pk $1
Mead Spiral Notebooks, 3 for $1
Mead Filler Paper, 75 cents
Mead Composition Book, $1
Backpacks, $3-5


Not everything is a great deal.  I searched through quite a lot, that actually was cheaper at the other stores I’ve listed today.  But I did find these, and they do have free shipping!

Pencil cap erasers, 100 pk, $2.38 plus free shipping

best prices on office and school supplies this week, this item is from Ebay


Many of these items can be purchased online (click here) and have free easy store pickup!

Crayola Crayons, 24 ct, 50 cents
CrazArt Crayons, 24 ct, 25 cents
CrazArt Markers, 10 ct, 50 cents
Crayola Markers, 10 ct, 97 cents
Large neon erasers, 4 for $1
Composition Books, 50 cents
Decorative Pencils 5 pack, 20 cents
Pencil Sharpeners, 47 cents
PenGear Pencils, 12 ct. 97 cents

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4 Comments on Best Prices for Office and School Supplies This Week

  1. Just an FYI…saw a post where someone tested the Dollar Tree backpacks…they only lasted a few weeks with light use before seams started coming apart. Blessings!

    • That is not a national rule. We can choose any backpack here. Plus many purchase them to donate to private groups, use them for shelters or adult needs, or send overseas.

  2. I will sew down both sides of the cheap backpacks on the outside with hopes they won’t fall apart. Maybe use some fabric glue? Any suggestions because I have purchased a lot of them so they wouldn’t have to carry their shoebox.

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