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Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes

School Supplies!  Our kids need them, schools need them, and local and overseas charities are begging for them.  Did you know that in many countries, children cannot attend school if they don’t have the necessary school supplies?  For the want of a pencil, they could miss weeks of necessary education!  For that reason I LOVE gathering school supplies and donating filled pencil cases!  But how can I can I do that with my limited budget?  By using things I found around the house and making Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes! Continue Reading →

Easy Crocheted Flowers: Use Up Your Yarn Scraps

Recently I found great deals on hair elastics and headbands.  Since they were plain, I wanted to add something to make them extra special.  I experimented with my yarn scraps (leftover from crocheting my “Aunt Ida” hats), and made a bunch of easy crocheted flowers. Continue Reading →

Easy Doll to Sew: Great Beginner Sewing Project

A few months ago, one of my Facebook readers showed me a fabric design she created.  It is now ready for purchase! YAY!  I asked Donna (dmDesigns) to share a little about her background, and how she uses this fabric.   What an easy doll to sew!  It would be perfect for a beginner sewing project!  OR how about a VBS craft?  Scout badge project? 4-H? Continue Reading →

How to Make a Glittery Barbie Necklace

I love playing with Barbies!  For me the absolute best part has always been the miniature accessories!  I have a whole box of tiny bits and bobs that I package together with a Barbie gift.   I love including them in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.   I’ve collected or made purses, little books, umbrellas, ribbons, shoes, flowers, etc.  But today I’ll show you the EASIEST way to make a Glittery Barbie necklace!  It’s a simple DIY!
Continue Reading →

Top 10 Free Mother’s Day Printables For Kids

I found lots of great FREE Mother’s Day Printables!  While I am all about being frugal, you can still print out and craft something fabulous.  Here are cards, poems, crafts, and gifts for teens, tweens, younger kids and toddlers to give their Moms, their Grandmothers, favorite Aunts and Caregivers! My Mom and Aunts were the greatest influences in my life. Continue Reading →

How To Make Wire Rings From a Surprising Source!

What a surprise I had when I saw this craft!  I met Rilla on Facebook.  She is one of the most creative persons I know.  Every day she is crafting something wonderful and new for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Each craft is more ingenious than the next and frequently upcycles items to frugally create wonderful items children will love!  I hope to do a series of Rilla’s crafts – but today she is sharing “How to Make Wire Rings from a very surprising source!”  Continue Reading →


I met Autumn through her Shoeboxes All Year Long page on Facebook.   She loves donating Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts and started her page to share her shopping tips and crafts.  (Just like me!)  She designed these cuddly hand puppets and agreed to share her Tutorial and Patterns with us! Continue Reading →

Upcycle Thrift Store Cards: Easily Transform Them to Look Handmade

Who doesn’t love searching through garage sales and thrift stores?  It’s a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find.  I recently spotted packs and packs of beautiful greeting cards recently at a GoodWill store.  They were promotional items sent out by various charities to their donors.  BUT they had their imprints on the back of each one.  I didn’t want to send a special card with that, so I had an idea!  Time to UPCYCLE thrift store cards and easily transform them to look like something handmade!

(There are many ministries that LOVE to receive cards:  Operation Gratitude (for soldiers), Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, Cards for Hospitalized Kids and more!)

I ended up purchasing about a dozen sets of cards.  The first thing to do was carefully rip off the backs.  The fold makes them easier to tear.  You could be more careful and use a scissors.

The next step was to trim the fronts.  I used my Fiskars Paper Cutter like THIS ONE from Amazon  to cut around the design. (I LOVE this paper cutter.  I’ve had it for years and it hasn’t dulled yet.  I have the one with the sliding blade, but I find it rips the paper if I’m not careful.)

Purchase cardstock or inexpensive cards.  I picked up this craft paper set from TARGET Dollar Spot.

They were blank Valentine’s Day cards for only $1 for an 8 pack of cards and envelopes (half with red sparkles!).  That is a good deal. BUT I picked them up after the holiday at 75% off or only 25 cents a pack!  It’s one of my best bargains.  However I have purchased several packs from Amazon like THESE and was very happy with the quality.

You can also use plain cardstock.  Michaels, AC Moore and JoAnn Fabric sell solid color packs.  Simply fold them in half for a card – OR cut in half for postcards!  That would be a fun!

Now you have your blank cards and the fronts.  It’s time to finally upcycle thrift store cards and transform them.  Let’s have some fun!

Gather your craft supplies.   All your scraps and little bits are perfect for this!  Scrapbook paper, hole punches, tiny ribbon, washi tape, stickers, doilies, even decorative duct tape.  There is no right or wrong here!  This is a perfect time to have the kids help and a wonderful craft to do with scouts, VBS, Sunday School, and adult craft groups.  Your imagination can go wild.  You can even practice your lettering skills.   Add as many paper and sticker layers as you like! It can be as complicated or as simple as you want.  I chose to go fairly simple with mine.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!




Plastic Easter Eggs – EGGcellent Ways to Use Them

Easter Egg hunts!  My children loved them.  Our church had a special day before Easter with games and prizes.  Then, of course, we had to have a second hunt on Easter morning with family and friends.   BUT what to do with those eggs afterwards?  In addition, more plastic eggs will be on clearance (at 75-90% off they will be just pennies each).  What fun, frugal and useful ways can we UPCYCLE plastic Easter eggs after Easter?  Here are 3 EGGcellent Ways to Use Them! (Check this post here to see the Walmart Sale.)


Just like an Egg Hunt, Christine loves to fill her eggs with little plastic rings (like THESE from Amazon), stickers, etc., to include in her Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts as an extra surprise.  While the boxes are packed with necessities and some toys – a tiny hidden treat is a great addition!Suzanne does something similiar, but used small erasers like THESE from Amazon. 


Since Easter eggs come in different sizes, choose a larger one and fill with thread, safety pins, sewing needles (safely inserted in a piece of felt or cardboard case) measuring tape and buttons.  These are great to tuck in a suitcase or also include in a shoebox gift or shelter present.  I found THESE are good quality measuring tapes you can include.

(3) Maracas!

I helped my friend Kathy make these at her church craft day.  She picked up bags of Plastic Easter Eggs that had these goofy faces – they were perfect!

We filled the eggs with something that will make noise when shaken (rice or beans for home use, pony beads for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes).  $1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!We then sealed them closed using hot glue.  I put a glob of hot glue on the inside of 2 quality plastic spoons and stuck them on each side of the egg.  With washi or duct tape I secured the handles.  Then another glob of hot glue on the top of the head and dunked into a bowl filled with cut up Easter grass (for the silly hair).  You could also use shredded paper as well.  Voila – crazy Maracas!

You could skip the step of adding the spoons and just have Egg SHAKERS.  That would be great fun as well!

These are just 3 ideas of how to upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs.  I’m sure you could come up with more!  If you do, make sure to let us know!

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Easy Homemade Tic Tac Toe Game

I’m always looking for fun but easy crafts to make with large groups.  Scouts, Sunday School or senior clubs are eager to help with projects, but they can’t be overly complicated.  Then Christy shared with my Facebook Page this adorable Tic Tac Toe game Continue Reading →