Welcome to my CRAFTS category!  You will find lots of fun and easy DIY craft ideas. Some are great for groups (scouts, Seniors, VBS, Youth Groups). Simple tutorials for items you can donate to so many charities.


Spring Craft Convention for shoebox appeals

Spring Craft Convention

UPDATE – The Spring Craft Convention is over, BU you can still check out my Facebook page HERE for all the latest crafts and deals!   It’s time once again for the 3rd Annual Spring Craft Convention.  Sponsored by the Facebook Page:  Crafting for Shoeboxes, it was a “virtual” convention. Try my favorite crocheted hat pattern […] Read more…

How to make easy crochted toss rings DIY tutorial upcycle plastic lids

Crocheted Toss Rings: Easy Tutorial

Here is a simple, easy and inexpensive craft.  My friend Cindy loves to craft and loves to donate.  To keep costs down, she looks carefully at every item before it hits the trash.  Can it be transformed and used in another way?  Her resourcefulness came up with this fun project:  Crocheted Toss Rings!  I loved […] Read more…

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