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Sale on Kohl’s Cares Stuffed Animals and Books

Have you heard about Kohl’s Cares?  It’s part of the community outreach of the Kohl’s Department Stores.  They have several wonderful programs, one of which is their Kohl’s Cares Stuffed Animals and Books.  100% of their net profit on these select  items are donated to help children’s initiatives worldwide!  Their motto pairs perfectly with our mission  –

Together we can do more for kids

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Dover Publications Little Books Sale Plus Discount Code

I LOVE Dover Publications!  Have you ever browsed the gift stores at museums and historical sites?  What mom hasn’t – it’s the highlight of every field trip!  Most of the high quality books there are from Dover.  All of their items are printed according to high standards with thick paper and rich color printing.   Get in on this deal today:  the Dover Publications Little Books Sale! Continue Reading →

Coupon Savings! Deals and Steals this Week!

There are SO MANY coupon savings this week!  Instead of individual posts, I thought I’d do a Deals and Steals roundup!  These items are perfect to frugally shop for your family AND to donate to various charities – just what this blog is all about!  All the deals expire soon, so read the fine print and act quickly! Continue Reading →

New Harbor Freight Coupons! Good for May 2017

I am always excited when I get either the new flyer or a new email about Harbor Freight!  Today I found the new Harbor Freight coupons that are good through the entire month of May (2017)!

Harbor Freight has a great selection of tools at unbeatable prices.  There is so much to choose from.  Use the 20% off coupon to purchase something at a discount.  Then you can use the “Free with purchase” coupon in addition!  Only one “Free with purchase” coupon may be used per person per day.  This is the time to bring your friends, your family or even your youth group with you to pick up some very useful items!  (Keep reading to find out where to donate!)

These new Harbor Freight coupons can be used all month – usually their coupons are only good for a few days.  That gives you plenty of time to gather your group to shop.

These tools and accessories are perfect to donate to Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for the older 10-14 age group.  They are also good to donate to other local and overseas charities.  Or perhaps your church has a construction/rehab ministry such as the Reach Mission Trips!

Have you heard about Reach Mission Trips?  Their motto is:  Helping develop youth into transformed servants of Jesus.

Make Friends. Serve Communities. Be Transformed.

Ministering since 1992, Reach Mission Trips is a week-long mission of service to low-income communities.  Working with local agencies and/or local churches, they help homeowners and communities through small construction and repair jobs.  It is a life-changing experience as campers participate in activities that build community and self-esteem, encourages spiritual growth, and enables them to understand their role in combating poverty.

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Why You Should Check Out the Walmart Easter Clearance!

You need to check out the Walmart Easter Clearance!  I was hesitant at first because my local Walmart rarely has the great deals I’ve seen on so many other shopping blogs.  Continue Reading →

Why I LOVE JC Penney Coupons!

I LOVE JC Penney Coupons!  Have you discovered how fun they are?  Every month or so there are $10 off $10 JC Penney Coupons!  It guarantees you to get something for free 🙂  Often the coupons are a surprise – $10 off $10, or more.  Some of my friends have received $100 off $100 coupons!

JC Penney Coupons

You must get to JC Penney’s early.  Each store has a different opening time, so check YOUR local shop.  There is usually an associate that is roaming around the entrance handing out the coupons.  They don’t wear a sign, they don’t announce it, and they are rather quiet, so you have to be observant or you might miss them!  Bring friends or family and each person can receive a coupon.  FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE

The next way to score is to sign up for text alerts!  If you do, you will receive a rare 25% off your entire purchase coupon.  You cannot combine coupons, but you can do 2 transactions.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

This is a great way to shop frugally!  Pick up items to donate!  You can use the coupons on sale and clearance items to maximize your savings.  I like to challenge myself to see how many items I can acquire and not have to pay more than $1 in addition.  The last time I scored 4 boys t-shirts and only page 62 cents (each item was on clearance).  Let me know how you did!

Target Easter Clearance – Treasure Hunting at 70% Discount

I found such wonderful treasures at my local Target Easter Clearance!  There were three full aisles.  Two were filled with candy and food items and one aisle had clothing and toys.  There were signs posted everywhere that read 50% off.  Everything was neat and fully stocked.  However I had seen postings on Facebook that indicated a larger sale.  I price checked and it was!  70% off non-food items and 50% off candy!  YAY.  What a great hidden secret!

Target Easter Clearance

I found Felt Books that listed at $3 and now were 90 cents each.  Each opened into a large playmat with a bag of felt accessories.  The Pink one was a house and the blue one had 4 environments.  They would make a great WOW gift for shoeboxes, or any organization! Definitely worth hunting for these!

Target Easter Clearance note cards
I found several sets of blank Notecards that were originally $3, now 90 cents each.  There were lots of stickers and rub-ons $1, now 30 cents.  Perfect to write notes for shoeboxes or embellish for any letter/card writing organization such as Sunshine Snail Mail, Operation Gratitude or Cards for Kids.

Target Easter Clearance socks
There was a huge bin of Socks in the cutest Easter designs that were formerly $1 and now are 30 cents.  Who doesn’t love silly socks?  There were toddler sizes to older kids sizes as well.  I found another bin of infinity scarves that were $3 now 90 cents.  I picked one up for myself 🙂 but they would also be perfect for donations to women’s shelters! Large Print Bibles
The Target Easter Clearance (as with any of their holiday clearance sales) starts at 50% (30% off food) and then progresses to 70%/50% and finally 90%/70%.  Frequently the signs will not be updated and the employees themselves might not be aware of the percentages – or the dates they will change.  My store still had 50% off signs and the employees had no idea that it was currently at 70% off.  That’s why the price checking machine is so important!

I believe that the Target Easter Clearance will go to 90% off by this weekend – April 22 or April 23rd.  Happy Hunting!


FREE YARN (or Really Cheap) and How to Get It

Barbara shared her 10 Ten Tips on How To Get FREE YARN (or really cheap yarn) in a Facebook group (Shoe Boxes Through the Year).  I’m so excited that Barbara said I could share all of them with you!  JOY with Purpose is all about bargain shopping and crafting to be able to frugally donate to charities around the world.  Think of all the special items you can make that will be so cherished by those in need.  Here are some free tutorials I’ve posted that can definitely use all your new found yarn!  Colorful Dolls, Tossing Rings, my “Aunt Ida” simple hat pattern, and my 10 Washcloth Patterns!

Here are Barbara’s Top Ten Tips to get FREE YARN:

“I donate well over 100 items a year to various charities (including Operation Christmas Child) and I pride myself on never paying more than $1 a skein for yarn, often less than 50c, and usually nothing at all.  I thought I’d share some of my methods.  Hopefully this will help somebody out!

1.  CRAFT/CHURCH GROUPS:  Many churches, libraries and non-profits have knitting/crocheting/craft groups.  They often have bins full of donated yarn.  (I know our little church has at least four bins full.) Usually if you ask, they will tell you to take whatever you need.

2.  GARAGE SALES:  Visit church and school garage/rummage sales on the very last day.  If you go in as they are closing up, you can usually find yarn for 50c a skein or less.  Tell them about your charity and they may even lower the price or give it to you!  Church sales particularly are eager to get rid of everything at the end.

3.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS:  Tell all your friends and co-workers that you are looking for yarn.  Put up a notice in your church bulletin.  Often people purchase way too much (not me of course! lol) and are only happy to clear out their closets and attics!

4.  ESTATES:  Occasionally someone passes on and leaves a large amount of yarn that no one in the family wants.  They are blessed to think that Grandma’s yarn is being put to good use.  I am always astonished at the sheer volume of yarn I get this way.

5.  ONLINE FREEBIE GROUPS:  Go to Freecycle, Craig’s List or local Facebook Free Groups and request yarn.  (Note from Mary – I’ve gotten carloads of yarn this way!  One piece of advice – for safety reasons I never go alone and I never go inside a house.  They can leave items on the porch.)

6.  RAVELRY:  Join Ravelry   Not only do you get access to thousands of free patterns, but they have a bulletin board called Random Acts of Kindness where you can request (and offer) yarn.  (Out of courtesy, they do ask that you be a member for month before asking for anything).

People love to donate if they know their items will be put to good use.  Tell them about your charities.  Show  or post pictures of the ministry and how socks, gloves, scarves etc. are so desperately needed.  Send them pictures of your finished items!

top 10 tips to get free or inexpensive yarn

7.  THRIFT STORES:  Pop into your local thrift store on half price day and poke around.  Sometimes they have yarn, sometimes they don’t.  I have picked up great bargains at thrift stores.

8.  BARGAIN STORES:  There are a couple of surprising bargain stores where you can get yarn.  Tuesday Morning stocks yarn (mostly higher-end). It’s too expensive for me at regular price, but there may be some in the clearance section for less than a dollar.  Some Big Lots stores carry yarn (you have to look for it!).  It is never on sale, but several times a year the entire store is 20% off.  That is the perfect time to pick up a few skeins.

9.  LOCAL YARN SHOP:  Check the ones in your area (especially if you patronize it).  You can ask if they have any partial skeins that have been returned that can’t be resold.  Some yarn shops need samples knit up for display purposes.  Often they will let you have the yarn.  They might even give you the pattern if you agree to let the finished item be on display for six months or something.

10.  BIG CRAFT STORES:  Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc.  Shop the sales and use coupons.  Often JoAnns and Michaels sometimes have mill ends or “Fashion Plus” bags of yarn for $8.99 regular price.  Usually you can use coupons and/or sales to knock the price down more than half that, and there’s usually the equivalent of 4-5 large skeins in a bag.  Another tip – often the yarn on sale is more expensive than if it was not and you use a 40 or 50% off coupon.  However Michaels has 10-15% off every day discounts for teachers, military and seniors on top of sales – CHECK HERE for info.  JoAnns, Michaels and ACMoore also accept competitor’s coupons – make sure to bring the highest value.

Here are 2 extra TIPS:

Tell your loved ones that you would love some really pretty yarn for Birthdays or Mother’s Day.  It doesn’t have to be your main gift, lol!  But a skein in a fun color is a lovely little extra surprise gift.

If someone you know is travelling and wants to bring you a souvenir, tell them to pop into a local yarn shop and pick up some yarn from that area.

As you might expect, I have more yarn stashed than I will ever use in my entire lifetime.

Thanks Barbara!  Hopefully if you follow her tips to get FREE YARN – your stash will be overflowing as well!  Again here are some free tutorials I’ve posted that can definitely use all your new found yarn!  Colorful Dolls, Tossing Rings, my “Aunt Ida” simple hat pattern, and my 10 Washcloth Patterns!

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Kerusso Coupon Code: Amazing Coupon For Easter!

For more than 25 years, Kerusso has been designing and creating Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry, Christian toys, Christian gifts and Christian accessories that are being used by millions of Christians to start conversations about Jesus. And right now there is a Kerusso Coupon Code for Easter for 25% off everything on their site!

CLICK HERE: 25% off Sitewide with code EASTER25 April 7 – 16

The mission of Kerusso is simple – Proclaiming the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. Through T-Shirt evangelism, Kerusso helps Christians fulfill the great commission through the simple act of wearing a Christian tee shirt or Jesus T-shirts.

PLUS Kerusso formed a partnership with global Christian humanitarian organization, World Vision, to help multiply the good they do around the world.  When you purchase a Kerusso t-shirt, you help them support World Vision’s incredible work. Every size, every color, every t-shirt.   For every shirt sold, two are on the way to World Vision! 

So check out KERUSSO and not only pick up something special for yourself or your family for Easter at 25% off – but know that your sale is helping others at the same time!

25% off Sitewide with code EASTER25 April 7 – 16

Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars Deals This Week

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There are great deals on Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars this week!  I love that the deals are in 3 different stores.  That makes it easier for everyone no matter where you live!  Kmart, Meijer stores and Dollar General are all running similar sales.  What a great addition to an Easter Basket.  Also these fun cars are at a great price point for donating!  I’m sure your local church could use a bunch for their various Sunday School, VBS and other outreaches.  These are also perfect to include in various shoebox and backpack projects as well. Continue Reading →