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Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes

School Supplies!  Our kids need them, schools need them, and local and overseas charities are begging for them.  Did you know that in many countries, children cannot attend school if they don’t have the necessary school supplies?  For the want of a pencil, they could miss weeks of necessary education!  For that reason I LOVE gathering school supplies and donating filled pencil cases!  But how can I can I do that with my limited budget?  By using things I found around the house and making Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes! Continue Reading →

You Can Make Your Own Coloring Book

Did you know you can make your own Coloring Book?  With these instructions from Mark you can make coloring books that are inexpensive, look good, and will fit into a shoebox gift without folding or bending.  You could even slip a few pages in a card to cheer a child in a hospital as well.  Or print a special gift for an adult – everyone loves to color!

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Crocheted Dolls: Perfect Way to Use Up All Your Scraps

Children LOVE dolls!  They love something to cuddle, take care of, and sleep with.  These crocheted dolls are very soft and huggable. Continue Reading →

Childrens Size Chart

Purchasing the correct size clothing for children can be a challenge.  It’s easy if the child is with you!  You can have them try on everything.  But what do you do if the items are intended as a gift or donation?  I’m always left wondering if the shirt or pants would be too big for one age group or too small for the next.  A Childrens Size Chart would be handy!
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God LOVES You Printable

Coloring!  It’s the hottest thing right now.  It’s so relaxing to sit quietly, turn off all media, and calmly color in a design.  I had so much fun that I decided to draw my own.  PLUS I wanted to put positive words or even scripture into every one.  Here is my very first (in what I hope to be a series) of coloring pages:  God Loves You printable!

I researched and found the words: “God Loves You” or “I Love You” in 17 different languages!  If you look carefully there is English, Spanish, Slovenian, Zulu, French, Sindhi, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Croatian, Afrikaans, Turkish, Swahili, Hungarian, Catalan, and Latvian! Continue Reading →