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Small acts of love and kindness can change the world with Operation Christmas Child.

I love seeds.  So much life and potential exist in a teeny tiny container.  As a gardener, I can easily tell a zinnia seed from a Morning Glory seed.  While each is unique, once planted, each can grow and become more than they were.  Just one small marigold seed can grow into a flower that yields 50 new seeds.

small acts of kindness can change the world Outreach Bibles
I also love the ministry of Operation Christmas Child.   I filled my empty shoebox with things I chose especially for “my” child across the world (a blue hat and gloves, a stuffed red dog that matches the cover of the coloring book I found, a blue toothbrush, a red washcloth, a soccer ball, etc.).  My box is slightly different from every single one packed and sent.  It’s uniquely mine and full of potential, just like a seed.

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Over 100 million of these individual shoeboxes have been distributed to over 100 countries around the world since the project started 25 years ago.  Each one takes the Good News of Jesus Christ “to the farthest parts of the earth” Acts 1:8.  How exciting to think that my simple shoebox gift will travel by truck, boat, canoe, or camel to reach just the right child – to tell him that he is loved by His Father in heaven.  Even though I’ve packed shoeboxes for over 20 years, I still get tingles to think of how God will use or “sow” this small seed!  Small acts of kindness can change the world.

Operation Christmas Child
Photo from Samaritans Purse

When a child receives their Operation Christmas Child shoebox, they also get a colorful gospel booklet, “The Greatest Gift of All” about the gift of Jesus.  I’ve seen so many photos of children putting away their toys and pouring over the book, often with their friends and parents.  The seed is beginning to grow.  But then what?

The Greatest Journey“discipleship course was developed by Operation Christmas Child to be the next step to help these children become lifelong followers of Jesus.  To nurture and grow their young faith, these lessons are offered to the children after they receive their shoebox through the churches in their neighborhood.

Years ago I was asked to teach a Sunday School class, but I had no training, no experience, and no lesson plans!  I started with good intentions but quickly became discouraged and confused.  Operation Christmas Child understands that not only are the children who receive the gifts living in poor and desperate conditions but so are their local churches.  Through this program, Sunday School teachers are provided with all the training, booklets, and materials!

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I asked the National Team Leader from Belize, how this affects the churches.   She said that training them to share the gospel with children, taught them how to share the gospel with their own family and neighbors.  The teachers grew in their faith, and more seeds were planted. Bibles in over 200 Languages

Then when the children complete all the lessons, there is a joyous graduation ceremony!  All the families are invited and many will hear the gospel for the first time.  Each child receives a certificate and a New Testament in their language. Some will never complete regular school, so this graduation is even more meaningful.

Operation Christmas Child graduation ceremony
Photo from Samaritans Purse

“I give thanks to God for the opportunity He gave me to study the Bible lessons,” said 14-year-old Gimena from Paraguay. “Through them, many children have met Jesus.  I invited my friends to the classes, and many of them received Jesus as their Savior too.”

The seeds have grown and now yielded new seeds.  A simple gift can change the world.

What a precious opportunity we have been entrusted with!  God is at work!  It is exciting and humbling to be a small part of something so great.  How will God continue to use these seeds?

A Simple Gift of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox

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