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Purchasing the correct size of clothing for children can be a challenge.  It’s so easy if the child is with you!  They can try on everything.  But what do you do if the items are intended as a gift or donation?  I’m always left wondering if the shirt or pants would be too big for one age group or too small for the next.  A Childrens Size Chart would be handy!

Printable Childrens size chart for clothing and shoes. Take it with you when you shop to make sure every item will fit!

Download and print this Children’s Size Chart to bring with you when you shop! 

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There will always be a size range since everyone grows at a different rate.  Even my children wore different sizes than their peers, or even their siblings, at the very same age.  Hopefully, this printable chart will make it easier to pick up clothing for all kinds of gift-giving – even for shoebox gifts or shelter donations.  This Children’s Size Chart covers everything and lists Age, Approx. Shirt Size, Pants Size, Socks, Shoes, and even Underwear!

You can keep one in your purse or pocket when shopping.

Usually, it is safer to get the largest size for the age range.  They can always grow into clothing, but an item that is much too small can never be used.  Therefore, for example, if you are purchasing for a 2-4-year-old, you would get 4T-5T clothing.

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4 Comments on Childrens Size Chart You Can Print

  1. Thank you so much for this, Mary! I love that you have it all in one. It makes it so much easier for referencing when figuring what size to put in what box.

  2. I’m here the day after Christmas 2020, already excited to start working on shoeboxes for 2021. I think I squealed when I found your chart of sizes! I’ve been struggling along year after year, trying to figure it out. I’m 58, but never had children, so I have been lost on this part! Thank you so much for putting this together!

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