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Ugh! Don’t you hate getting a cold?  I end up using a full box of tissues and then some!  That made me appreciate just how fortunate I was, and how easy it was for my family to purchase more.  But what is it like for the poor, both here in the US, and overseas?  There is a surprisingly important donation need for both tissues and handkerchiefs.

Cold and Flu Season Best online sites for tissues and handkerchiefs

Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, deployed military, local elementary schools, church nurseries, preschools, and yes! even animal rescue centers, all need facial tissues, especially with cold and flu season beginning.  And now after Hurricane Harvey, there is an even greater need.

When I was young (gosh way back in the ’50s!) we used handkerchiefs.  I always remember my dad carrying one.  He would use it for any mishap that I or my siblings would have by soothing our tears or dabbing onto a scrape.  My mother and Aunts would even crochet beautiful lace edgings on their special hankies.

tissues and handkerchiefs

But times have changed, and no one uses handkerchiefs much anymore.  US charities do need facial tissues.  But in third-world countries that receive our donations such as Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, facial tissues are quickly used and discarded.  That adds to their garbage problem, as they often have no trash removal available.

So depending on your charity needs, both tissues and handkerchiefs are wonderful to donate.  Scroll to the bottom of the post to find a list of places that would love to receive them!

Here are the best online sites I found to purchase facial tissues and handkerchiefs:


I would recommend only getting 100% cotton (absorbent).

* Amazon:  I like ordering from Amazon – I have free shipping with prime, but most items ship free at $25+  (These Geoffrey Beene ones would also be great to tuck into a Christmas stocking!)

Here are these fun Geoffrey Beene stripe set. , pk of 6.

Here is a plain white pack of 12.  These are larger at 16″ square.  It could be fun to embroider if you wanted to make them special!

Here is another pack, this time 13 are included.
* Walmart has something similar HERE for a 12 pack.

* Here is a white 9 pack from Kohls.  (15.5″ square)  I love the tone on tone white stripes.  Order ONLINE and have free pick up at the store!

* Here are also some white packs from JCPenney’s.  They do they cost a little more but would be competitively priced if you use current discount coupons.
Bandanas are also a wonderful choice as they are usually a little larger.  Such great uses for these!  I’ve even wrapped a cold wet bandana around my neck while hiking in 95-degree temps.  But they also could be used as a kerchief or made into a tote, skirt or belt.  Some might be found in a Dollar Tree (they are currently out of stock online).

Here are 2 different 12 packs of Bandanas at Amazon.  You can pick this Red And Blue Set

Or a Multi-Colored Set for even less money HERE.

Walmart has a wide range of different styles here for just a little more – but I love all the different colors you can get.  And you can have them shipped FREE to your store for easy pickup and avoid the shipping cost.


CVS and Walgreens often have great deals with coupons in-store on tissues.  But what if you need to purchase in bulk?

I found the best deals at Dollar Tree and again – purchase online, ship them to your local store and they will have everything waiting for you to pick up FREE.  This saves time hunting for what you need!

Individual small cube boxes are great are here are some from Scottie.

Small personal packs of 10 tissues each are perfect for hygiene kits, homeless blessing bags or military donations.  Here is an 8 pack.

Here are some charities that would love donations of tissues and handkerchiefs:

donate tissues and handkerchiefs to charityCheck with your local food banks, shelters, elementary schools, Church nurseries, and pre-schools.  Tissues run out rather quickly in schools and teachers are stretched to provide so many other supplies.  Deployed troops could use them as well.  Consider slipping a handkerchief into a card for a senior in a nursing home.

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2 Comments on Cold and Flu Season! Donate Tissues and Handkerchiefs

  1. I was so glad to see Friends of Pine Ridge on your list. I’ve worked with this organization for years and can vouch for the difference being made for the children and elders on the reservation. It is one of the poorest areas in the USA, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Cathy in MO

    • Thank you Cathy for all you do for others. There definitely is a great need and this group has sought to meet their specific needs so sacrificially. God bless them and you!

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