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Here is a simple, easy and inexpensive craft.  My friend Cindy loves to craft and loves to donate.  To keep costs down, she looks carefully at every item before it hits the trash.  Can it be transformed and used in another way?  Her resourcefulness came up with this fun project:  Crocheted Toss Rings!  I loved them and wanted to share them with you.

Directions for Crocheted Toss Rings:

Take a clean plastic lid.  Carefully cut out the inside circle – leaving about 1/2 inch lip all the way around.  You can use a scissors (poke a hold in the center, and then cut around), or an exacto-knife.

Now that you have your rings – Using a simple single crochet, crochet around them.  For more details on exactly how to crochet around the rings – check out THIS TUTORIAL.

**To make a set of 6-8, use all the same sized lids:  oatmeal, yogurt, coffee can, etc.   OR for special challenge games you could use various sizes.  Start tossing the larger ones first and progress in skill to the smaller ones.

crocheted toss rings

Cindy packs her crocheted toss rings in a little homemade drawstring tote (using upcycled fabric of course).  You could also simply use a ziploc baggie.

Don’t have enough yarn or plastic lids?  You can ask others to donate.  They would love to!

Check this post for tips on how to get FREE (or really cheap) YARN.

Cindy packs her rings into Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, but they would be a wonderful item to donate to many different local causes as well.

For an inexpensive set of crochet hooks, check these out at Amazon:

If you love to crochet I have a number of fun and easy patterns:

Check out all my craft tutorials at JOY with Purpose!



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