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Do you love to donate to local and overseas missions?  Shopping in bulk is the easiest method to get large quantities AND delivered to your door!  I admit that I love the hunt to find the perfect deal hidden in the clearance aisles of my local stores.  But that does take time and gas – and I’ve been frustrated often.  I regularly post deals from Amazon and other online stores.  I’ve recently discovered another bulk outlet and here are some Dollar Days deals I’ve found.

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Dollar Days Deals discount products

Many of my friends have purchased from Dollar Days and found good customer service.  They were especially helpful when told the items were purchased for donation to non-profit organizations such as Operation Christmas Child.  After you add your items – make sure you use the online “chat” feature to share your purpose and see if they will do any deals on your items!

Here are the Dollar Days Deals I found!

Like any store, stock and prices change quickly.  Each of these links will bring you to a bunch of items – listed from the lowest to the highest price for your convenience.  UPDATED:  The specific items “pictured” may be out of stock, but there are lots of others to choose from.

Pencil Sharpeners

Girls Assorted Flip Flops

Drawstring Backpacks

Baseball Caps

Bible Coloring Books

Spiral Notebooks

Sewing Kits

Watercolor paint sets

These are just some of the fun items I found at Dollar Days – it is a VERY BIG site and I’ve only just started to explore it!

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