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I always loved crafting with my children.   I still do–even though they are grown!  These Easy Finger Puppets are a fun craft that’s simple enough to make with toddlers, but still fun for any age!  Plan now for weekends and school vacations!  Make some to play with plus lots more to donate.  I love the concept of “Kids Helping Kids“.   Making a craft to give away is an enjoyable way to encourage service and thoughtfulness at a young age.  You can pack them into Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, send them and a note to a child in the hospital, or even make a bunch to include in goody bags at birthday time!

easy finger puppets you can make from felt with children

These Easy Finger Puppets have so many possibilities for variety!

If you are looking for more crafts to do with your children check out my post HERE. While it says “Mother’s Day” crafts, many of them would work for any time of the year!

Materials for Easy Finger Puppets:

  • 1 sheet of felt (Like these from Amazon)
  • glue (I used a low temp glue gun – I use this one from Amazon)
  • scissors or pinking shears
  • popsicle sticks (here’s a pack from Amazon)
  • sequins, googly eyes, foam shapes, fabric paint
  • ribbon, lace, yarn, trim, pipe cleaners

Take your sheet of felt.  Cut it in half lengthwise. Now cut each section in half lengthwise again.  This is an easy way to get 4 equal strips.  You can use a scissor, or if you want to be more precise, you can use a ruler and a rotary blade cutter (like this one from Amazon)

Stack 2 together.   Holding both, cut them in half.  Then still holding 2 pieces of felt together, cut them in thirds.

By keeping the stacks together while you cut… each stack may not all be the same size and shape…But they will be the same size as their mate!  Each front and back of the puppet will match.  Again you could be more precise – but this is supposed to be an enjoyable playtime with toddlers – it’s got to move quickly or you will lose their interest!

You will now have 12 pairs of felt.  — That’s 12 Easy Finger Puppets from one sheet of felt!

Adults or older children can choose to machine or hand-sew the three sides, leaving the bottom open.  I used hot glue to speed up the process!   **If you are making this with little children, it might be easier to insert a popsicle stick and glue the felt to both sides.

Time to decorate!  You can round the tops of their felt heads or keep them square – each will give your puppet a different look.  Glue on yarn or pipe cleaners for hair, or cut and fringe the top.  Pull out all your scraps! Add lace, ribbons, and bits of fabric.  And don’t forget googly eyes, sequins, buttons, or markers, and paint for the eyes!

These Easy Finger Puppets are a perfect craft for scouts, Pioneer Clubs, American Heritage Girls, VBS, Sunday School, etc.!

Each one will be unique, it’s up to your imagination!
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If you are looking for more crafts to do with your children check out my post HERE.  While it says “Mother’s Day” crafts, many of them would work for any time of the year!

You can check out all my craft tutorials at JOY with Purpose!

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