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LOVE  There are special days to celebrate our LOVE:  weddings, anniversaries and especially on Valentine’s Day.  I used to think that we could only share Valentine greetings with our special someone.  But after I had children, I saw how much they enjoyed getting cards from their family and friends.  Later, I began sending them to my widowed aunts and cousins.  They were so touched to be remembered, that last year I started sending cards to nursing homes and hospitals.  Who doesn’t want to hear that they are LOVED?  AND not just on Valentine’s Day, but all through the year!  So I decided to make my own cards!  I designed 2 very special ones to share with you.  So here are my free printable LOVE cards that you can use to send to the special people in your life.  If you love cards, then also check out my post on how to “Upcycle Thrift Store Cards

Free Printable Love Cards Just for You

The first one of the Free Printable Love Cards I designed uses 20 different languages*.  How fun is that?  I’ve included Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish, all just to say “I Love You”.  *The 20 languages from the “I Love You” card were translations taken from this site.  I also have a printable coloring page – “God Loves You” in 17 different languages.

Free Printable Love Cards Words of Love in 20 Languages

The second of my Love Cards has a design similar to adult coloring books, with the word LOVE front and center!  Decorate with colored pencils or watercolors to make it your own.

Free Printable Love Cards Love Design You Can Color

Directions for Free Printable Love Cards:

Materials Needed:
  • Card Stock
  • Size A7 Envelopes
  • Optional: Bone Folder, Colored Pencils, Markers, Water Colors

Free Printable Love Cards Love in 20 Languages
1.  Download here for I LOVE YOU in 20 Languages, or here for the LOVE Design  —- Don’t just print them from the screen.  I had much better results when I downloaded the file and then printed.  These are pdf. files and there are more options to insure printing success when you open them in the actual Adobe program.

2.  Print your card on 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock.  (Try this one from Amazon, or this from Michaels, or this from Walmart)   (To Get the Correct Sizing when printing:  Make sure it is set on “Portrait” orientation.  Also “at 100%” and in Properties, click “Advanced” to check “fill to page” and hit “ok” to save, then Print.  If you don’t intend to use an envelope, then any size will do, but I wanted to use the A7 envelopes.  A7 envelopes are 5.25″ x 7.25″ and so the cards need to be 5″ x 7″.)

free printable love cards adobe acrobat instructions

3.  Cut out on the lines.

4.  Fold in half.  You can run your bone folder along the fold to make a neat crease, or just use your fingernail, or ruler edge.

5.  Optional:  Decorate with colored pencils, crayons, inks, or watercolors to make this card your own creation.  OR as a special gift, send the card along with a set of colored pencils!   Coloring is so relaxing.

5.  Envelopes:  These cards fit the size A7 envelopes.  You can find them HERE at Michaels, or all the varieties available at Amazon, or the variety available HERE at Walmart (purchase online and have them shipped to store for free)  Size A7 is your average greeting card envelope.  I have a ton of these I got at thrift stores.

Free Printable Love Cards Love Design

Additional Suggestions for these Free Printable Love Cards:

While these cards are perfect for Valentine’s Day, they could be used to spread LOVE all year long!  Think Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, even Mother’s Day!

I’ve got some more great ideas on how you can use these free printable love cards:

Cards to Seniors

–How about checking your local Senior Centers and Nursing Homes?  So many people never get visits, let alone any cards.  Contact the activity director from a local site.   Tell them you are going to make up a bunch, and write an encouraging note inside.  You can just sign your first name if you’d like.  Get your children, scouts, or youth group involved.  You wouldn’t need individual envelopes -you could probably bring (or mail) them together.

From the Heart Facebook Page provides names and addresses of individuals and nursing homes that would love encouraging cards.

Bring Smiles to Forgotten Seniors  They send and deliver thousands of cards to residents of nursing homes, assisted living communities, home-bound seniors, and seniors in elderly nutrition programs.  You can send them completed cards or even packages of blank cards, which they will have filled out by local schools and groups.

Cards to Children

Operation Christmas Child:  You could include a card in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox to send your thoughts and love.  Enclose a picture of your family.  Children treasure all of the notes and pics almost more than the rest of the gifts.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids.  Check out their website for more info.

Cards for Kids FB Page.  Emersyn at only 17 sends cards to children in hospitals and Ronald McDonalds Houses all over the country.  She gathers cards from people and then packages them up with extra treats, silly socks, stickers, etc. and mails them on.

Sunshine Snail Mail FB Page.  They provide names and addresses of children living with debilitating illnesses.  Wouldn’t you love to put a smile on a child?

Cards for Adults:

Comfort and Joy FB Page.  They provide names and addresses of people who are going through a difficult time and just need a card to cheer them up.

Cards for Soldiers:

–Join the Card Plus Team for Soldier’s Angels  The Cards Plus Team is dedicated to supporting deployed service members, veterans, and their families with encouraging or celebratory cards and notes.

Operation Gratitude.   Help support our troops, veterans, new recruits and first responders.  Every Operation Gratitude Care Package they send includes a bundle of letters thanking them for their service to our country.  Care Package recipients say these letters, cards, and drawings are the most cherished items.

I hope you enjoy my free printable love cards.  I think you could use them to send joy to your family, friends and even people you don’t know yet!  God bless you!

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Do not upload it as a file to facebook or other website.  Also, do not claim this as your own work, redistribute or sell it.

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4 Comments on Free Printable Love Cards: LOVE in 20 Languages

  1. Thank you for the cute cards—I plan on printing some to put in my OCC boxes :). The one with 20 languages is perfect!

  2. Thank you for these beautifully done LOVE cards. Our family is using them in our Samaritan’s Purse – Christmas Child Boxes and coloring them!

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