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Looking to raise cash for your group or charity? How about hosting a GIFT BASKET RAFFLE?  Put together awesome baskets packed with goodies that everyone will love, and sell affordable raffle tickets. It’s a great way to get people excited to contribute and win a cool prize at the same time. With a little bit of creativity, you can Make Money With a Gift Basket Raffle!  I’ve included below a STEP BY STEP GUIDE to put on a successful event.  

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Overall Plan for Your Gift Basket Raffle

  1. Determine the date, time, and location of your raffle.  Will it be at the same time as a big event? Maybe a Dinner or Golf Outing?  Or on its own?
  2. Decide how many baskets you want to create, the types of items, and the Total Value of each basket.   Will it be a total of $50, $100, $250, etc?
  3. Gather donations: Check out my post on HOW TO GET DONATIONS FOR CHARITY
  4. Assemble baskets:  They must look attractive and include a variety of items.
  5. Sell tickets: Advertise by social media to get the word out.  Sell tickets in advance – OR – wait until the actual event.  During the event: sell tickets at one location, and have a number of volunteers walk the room to sell additional tickets.
  6. Pick the Winner:  Have a system in place to draw the winning tickets and distribute baskets.
  7. Afterward: Make sure to share the amount raised with your supporters and thank everyone who donated or participated in the raffle.


What to Put in a Gift Basket?  Assemble in THEMES

Assembled Gift Basket Raffle entry for fundraiser

  • Food and drink: Wine/Pasta, Beer/Snacks, Coffee/Tea/Cookies, Gift Cards to Starbucks, Grocery Stores, Cooking Classes
  • Spa: Candles/Perfumes/Lotions, Robes, Gift Cards to Spas, Nail, and Hair Salons.
  • Entertainment: Books/Magazines/Movies, Gift Cards to Theatres, Tickets to a local event.
  • Home: Decorative items/Kitchen Tools/Small Appliances, Gift Card for Painting/Decorating/Garden Services
  • Sports: Golf, Tennis, and other sports equipment, Gift Card for lessons, Local Games.
  • Pets: Treats/Toys/Grooming Supplies, Gift Cards for Groomers/Local Pet Stores.
  • Toys: Board Games/Puzzles/Children’s Toys, and Gift Card to Local Toy Stores.
  • Hobbies:  Sewing, Crochet, Art Supplies, Handmade Items, Gift Card for Lessons
  • High Ticket Items:  tablet, headphones, TV, Bluetooth speaker, Bicycle
  • Experiences: Local restaurants, Hotel Stays,  Wine Tastings, Art, Cooking, Sports Lessons, Photography Sessions, Language Classes
  • Signed Art, Photos of Athletes, Stars, and other donated promotional items.

Remember to choose items that are new and high-quality and that will appeal to a wide range of people. 

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How to Package Gift Baskets for Your Raffle

  1. Find baskets at craft stores, thrift shops, garage sales, and local freecycle groups on Facebook.
  2. Use crumpled paper to fill out the bottom, and raise up different areas so each item can be displayed.  Tissue paper and shredded paper for decoration and to add volume.  Use clear cellophane to keep items in place (will be invisible within a cellophane bag).
  3. Wrap in clear cellophane. Makes the basket feel like a special gift BUT also prevents people from removing items during the display time.
  4. Add bows to the basket to create an eye-catching display. Add a tag or label with the raffle number and content info.

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How Will People Know What’s in Each Gift Basket?

  • Create a brochure or flyer that lists all baskets, their raffle number, and contents. You can include photos as well as the value of each basket and any additional information.
  • Set up a table or area where they can be displayed. Use small tags or labels on each basket, or create larger signs that list all of the baskets and their contents.

By making sure that people know what’s in each basket, you can increase excitement in the raffle and encourage more people to buy tickets!  

What Types of Gift Basket Raffle Tickets Can I Use?

  • Double-roll tickets: These are the most common type of raffle ticket and come in a roll with two parts – one for the customer to keep and one for the raffle organizer. These are easy to use and make it easy to keep track of ticket sales.
  • Single-roll tickets: These are similar to double-roll tickets, but only have one part. The customer keeps the entire ticket and writes their name and contact information on it before placing it in the raffle bag.
  • Scratch-off tickets: Place the stickers over the phrase, or numbers that you want to be revealed during the scratch-off activity. These tickets can add an element of excitement to the raffle and are often used for high-value prizes.

It’s important to choose a ticket that is easy to use and helps to keep track of ticket sales and prize distribution.

How to Run the Actual Sales of Tickets:

  • Price of Tickets:  What is the value of the prize and how many people are available to purchase?  If you sell 1000, the cost can be less than if you anticipate selling only 100.  What is the audience’s willingness and ability to pay?  For a raffle for a school fundraiser, $50 tickets may be too expensive for parents and students.  You could lower the price to $5 or $10.  ALWAYS encourage Bulk Discounts – $5 for one or $20 for 5, etc.
  • 3 Ways Of Purchase:   
    • Prizes are random – numbers are called for baskets 1-20 for example. 
    • People purchase tickets for a specific numbered basket. 
    • They buy lots of tickets and then at the event they place tickets in buckets or bags in front of each basket. They can put a few or all in each. Some buckets had 300 tickets and some only 10 based on the popularity of the item.  Obviously, odds increase with popularity.

Fun Ways to Pick a Gift Basket Winner

Picking a winner can be an exciting part of your event.

  • Spin-to-win wheel: Create a prize wheel with sections for each participant or ticket number. Spin the wheel and whoever lands on the winning section is the winner.
  • Balloon Pop: Write ticket numbers on small pieces of paper and place them inside balloons. Inflate the balloons and display them. Ask the winner to pop one of the balloons to reveal their prize.
  • Bingo Balls: Number ping pong balls with all of the ticket numbers and draw one out of a tumbler.
  • Blindfolded Draw: Blindfold the person who will draw the winning ticket and have them reach into a large container filled with all of the ticket stubs. They can then draw one ticket and announce the winner.

Remember to make the winner announcement fun and engaging. Make sure everyone can hear you – use a microphone.  You can create a drumroll, play music, throw confetti, or even have balloons fall.
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Is A Gift Basket Raffle Successful?

Basket raffles can be relatively easy and inexpensive to organize.  However, success depends on the quality of prizes, ticket prices, marketing and promotion of the event, and engagement of the community. It’s important to create attractive and desirable baskets and to promote the event through social media, flyers, and word of mouth.

Good luck with your basket raffle!

NEED MORE IDEAS? Check out my 150 Fundraising Ideas! There are suggestions for individuals, small groups, and large organizations.


Remember to keep detailed records of your expenses and donations for tax purposes. Make sure to check the Gaming Rules in your specific state and county.  For Example, here is the NYS Gaming Commission website.

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