How To Make Wire Rings From a Surprising Source!

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What a surprise I had when I saw this craft!  I met Rilla on Facebook.  She is one of the most creative persons I know.  Every day she is crafting something wonderful and new for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Each craft is more ingenious than the next and frequently upcycles items to frugally create wonderful items children will love!  I hope to do a series of Rilla’s crafts – but today she is sharing “How to Make Wire Rings from a very surprising source!” 

Rilla decided to create some unique useful items made from items she found from after Easter store clearance.   Here is the first one:  Wire Rings 💍 made from the copper egg dippers!  Can you imagine?  I’ve thrown away so many of these over the years, haven’t you?  Packages of Easter Egg Dye kits are always left over at great discounts – filled with stickers, tattoos and dye – but Rilla made wire rings from the dippers!

She found she could can get 2-3 Jewelry rings from just one dipper.

TOOLS and DIRECTIONS for Jewelry Wire Rings:

  • 3 in 1 tool (found in the craft section at Wal-Mart or this set from Amazon)
  • something round approximately the size of your finger (Rilla used a marker)
  • Egg Dipper

With your tool, carefully straighten out the dipper.

Measure the straightened wire (dipper) and cut with your tool (wire cutters) into 2-3 equal pieces.

Lay your marker about the middle of one of the pieces of wire and wrap the wire around the marker (above picture). It won’t be the exact size you need right now, but you can form it better later.

Using the pliers, hold the ends of the wire one at a time and bend them to form a small loop or circle.

The rings 💍 are adjustable once you place them on your fingers.  The wire is very pliable but will not break.

These are perfect to include in your Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.  Wouldn’t this be a fun craft to do with a group – like scouts or older Sunday School children?  You could even make a bunch and add beads or glue small stones.  How about selling some as a fundraiser?

Rilla makes lots of different upcycled crafts that frugally use the items she has around the house, or can get at clearance prices.  All of them are quality and fun items!

Thank you Rilla for sharing this craft with us today.


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