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I LOVE free things – who doesn’t?  I love coupons, discount deals, and clearance sales.  And not just for my family, but to be able to frugally donate items while living on a fixed income.  One of my favorites is Kmart Freebie Saturday!

Kmart Freebie Saturday

Every week Kmart gives away a small item.  Last week it was a pencil case and another time was a coloring book.  This week they are giving away a pair of kid’s sunglasses.

Kmart Freebie Saturday is primarily for kids 12 and under.  However I have heard that Kmart is flexible and has given items to teachers, and other adults.  Make sure to the store early, as supplies are limited.

Not only is this a great deal because it is FREE – it is also a wonderful opportunity to have a teachable moment with your children.  They can get the item for free – but then they can donate it to others in need through local community shelters and organizations.  Or perhaps to a Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts or even to someone else in your family or circle of neighborhood friends.  There is always someone in need – and this could be one small way to develop the ability of empathy in your children at an early age.

If you are interested in purchasing kid’s sunglasses, Amazon has a good deal for about 50 cents each:

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