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UPDATE – This deal is long over and most Kmarts have sadly closed BUT  – Make sure to check out all the bargains and deals I post here at JOY with Purpose I LOVE free things – who doesn’t?  I love coupons, discount deals, and clearance sales.  And not just for my family, but to be able to frugally donate items while living on a fixed income.  One of my favorites was Kmart Freebie Saturday!

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If you are interested in purchasing kid’s sunglasses, Amazon has a good deal for about 50 cents each:

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Every week Kmart gave away a small item.  Once it was a pencil case and another time was a coloring book.  This week they are giving away a pair of kid’s sunglasses.

Kmart Freebie Saturday is primarily for kids 12 and under.  However, I have heard that Kmart is flexible and has given items to teachers, and other adults.  Make sure to the store early, as supplies are limited.

Kmart Freebie Saturday

Not only is this a great deal because it is FREE – it is also a wonderful opportunity to have a teachable moment with your children.  They can get the item for free – but then they can donate it to others in need through local community shelters and organizations.  Or perhaps to an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift or to someone else in your family or circle of neighborhood friends.  There is always someone in need – and this could be one small way to develop the ability of empathy in your children at an early age.

Make sure to check out all the bargains and deals I post here at JOY with Purpose!

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