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I LOVE JC Penney Coupons!  Have you discovered how fun they are?  Every month or so there are $10 off $10 JC Penney Coupons!  It guarantees you to get something for free 🙂  Often the coupons are a surprise – $10 off $10, or more.  Some of my friends have received $100 off $100 coupons!

JC Penney Coupons

You must get to JC Penney’s early.  Each store has a different opening time, so check YOUR local shop.  There is usually an associate that is roaming around the entrance handing out the coupons.  They don’t wear a sign, they don’t announce it, and they are rather quiet, so you have to be observant or you might miss them!  Bring friends or family and each person can receive a coupon.  FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE

The next way to score is to sign up for text alerts!  If you do, you will receive a rare 25% off your entire purchase coupon.  You cannot combine coupons, but you can do 2 transactions.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

This is why I LOVE JC Penney Coupons!

Why I LOVE JC Penney Coupons

This is a great way to shop frugally!  Pick up items to donate!  You can use the coupons on sale and clearance items to maximize your savings.  I like to challenge myself to see how many items I can acquire and not have to pay more than $1 in addition.  The last time I scored 4 boys t-shirts and only page 62 cents (each item was on clearance).  Let me know how you did!


Save and Share


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