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Do you love crafting?  Crocheting?  Knitting?  Weaving, etc.?  Being creative is my life, and I know it’s a part of YOURS, my readers, as well!  It keeps me young and gives me such joy!  I’ve thought about adding notes or labels to the items I craft and give away.  Have you ever added something like that to any of your unique creations? Wouldn’t it add that special touch? Today I designed these Made with Love tags to print and use.

I made this with Love tags Free Printable gift tags


This year I have been busy crocheting and sewing for a variety of different projects.  During the winter months, I crocheted scores of my Aunt Ida Hats.  They are so easy to make that I can crochet at least 2 in an evening while watching television with the family.  I’ve taught several people to crochet, and this is the first project I have them start. AND you can add crocheted flowers to spruce up some of them. I have instructions HERE.  Those easy hats will be perfect for the upcoming cold weather for shelters and soup kitchens like Manna for Life in Bronx, NY, or even Christmas at Sea for the Mariner’s Church Institute (imagine how cold it gets in open water!).  My friends over at Simply Shoeboxes even designed a scarf that matches my Aunt’s pattern!

This past month I’ve sewn tote bags and skirts for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, and upcycled some Barbies that will make their way to the Pine Ridge Reservation.  (Check out my posts on easy Barbie Headbands and Barbie necklaces.  It’s always fun to include accessories with the dolls.)  There are still so many more items on my list “to-do list”.  I’m sure that is the case with you and your friends as well!

I get so much joy and contentment from planning and crafting these items.  And even more importantly praying for the person who will use these hats or totes that were made with love.  In the last decade of her life, My Aunt Ida crocheted more than 3000 hats for various charities and would type out a scripture quote and a note and place one inside every hat.  It was to let the wearer know they were special, and how much God cared for them.  The hat became more than just an item of clothing, but a way to wrap that person in a loving hug.

Thinking of her, I was inspired to add these Made with Love tags to each handmade item.    I’ve made up a free printable that you can use! The front says “I made this with Love just for YOU.”  There are 10 tags on a page.

Download Free Printable Tags

Gather your supplies for the made with love tags

DIRECTIONS: To make the Made with Love Tags:

  • Click the button to bring up your PDF viewer.  You can print now or save the file to print later.
  • When Printing – Check “print preview” and change your print settings to “Landscape” if necessary.
  • Print on white cardstock (like this from Amazon)or colored cardstock.
  • Cut out on the black lines.
  • Use a hole puncher (like this 2 pk from Amazon) to neatly cut out the hole.
  • Tie a string, ribbon, or yarn
  • Attach to your special handmade project!

On the back of each tag, you could write your name, a special additional note, a scripture, or for shoebox gifts, you could even add your address or email.

I made this with Love tags Free Printable gift tags

While these Made with Love tags are perfect for individuals to use, they are great for crafts groups or other larger organizations as well.  On the back, you could handwrite, stamp or even just include a label from your special group!

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. – Sophia Loren

Have you been busy crafting?  Do you get together with a group to share inspiration?  What have you been making? Check out all the crafts I have on JOYwithPurpose!

I hope you like these Made with Love tags I made!

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10 Comments on Made With Love Tags – Free Printable Tags

  1. These are great. My mom knits sweaters for underprivileged children and these would be perfect to put on them.

    • What a generous and talented mom you have! They will be perfect for those sweaters that she has already poured so much love into knitting.

    • So glad you liked it! I used it on a number of my “Aunt Ida” crocheted hats I sent to the OCC processing centers as filler items!

  2. Really love the tags for donated hand crocheted baby blankets. and/or adult size scarves for our church’s homeless outreach.

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