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Did you know something as simple as an old mascara wand can help save wildlife? The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge uses mascara brushes to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of animals.

How can a Mascara Wand help wildlife?

Mascara wand brushes work so well because the bristles are very close together.

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge A Mascara Wand Can Help Save Wildlife

“When we do a thorough exam, we’re looking for anything on their fur that shouldn’t be there,” Savanna Trantham said, co-founder.

“We would simply run that through,” gently using a mascara brush on a squirrel. “And all the bristles and teeth of the brush are going to catch fly eggs or the larva without causing any damage to the fur.”

Do you have old mascara wand brushes just lying around in a drawer?  Clean them in hot soapy water and send them in to help the wild ones.  This is such an easy and fun donation.  Gather your friends – let them know about the need.  You can share with the hashtag:

#smallthingsmakeabigdifference —- on Facebook and Twitter.

Wouldn’t this make a perfect service project for Scouts, Pioneer Clubs or American Heritage Girls!  Consider it for Sunday School or possibly a VBS project this summer.  How about including a collection after a teaching lesson about the environment?

Mail Clean Mascara Wands to:

Appalachian Wild

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland, NC  28776

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit that coordinates the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina for the past several years.  Since the need has grown so much recently, they are currently expanding their facilities.

To check out their Facebook Page – CLICK HERE

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(Photo from the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge)



Save and Share


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