How to make easy crochted toss rings DIY tutorial upcycle plastic lids

Crocheted Toss Rings: Easy Tutorial

Here is a simple, easy and inexpensive craft.  My friend Cindy loves to craft and loves to donate.  To keep costs down, she looks carefully at every item before it hits the trash.  Can it be transformed and used in another way?  Her resourcefulness came up with this fun project:  Crocheted Toss Rings!  I loved […] Read more…

Free Printable Childrens Size Chart Bring with you when you shop

Childrens Size Chart You Can Print

Purchasing the correct size clothing for children can be a challenge.  It’s easy if the child is with you!  You can have them try on everything.  But what do you do if the items are intended as a gift or donation?  I’m always left wondering if the shirt or pants would be too big for […] Read more…

God loves you printable in 17 languages

God LOVES You Printable in 17 Languages

Coloring!  It’s the hottest thing right now.  It’s so relaxing to sit quietly, turn off all media, and calmly color in a design.  I had so much fun that I decided to draw my own.  PLUS I wanted to put positive words or even scripture into every one.  Here is my very first (in what […] Read more…

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