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Easter Egg hunts!  My children loved them.  Our church had a special day before Easter with games and prizes.  Then, of course, we had to have a second hunt on Easter morning with family and friends.   BUT what to do with those eggs afterward?  Plus all the plastic eggs will be on clearance (at 75-90% off they will be just pennies each). (Check this post here to see last year’s Walmart Sale as an example.)  What fun, frugal and useful ways can we UPCYCLE plastic Easter eggs after Easter?

3 EGGcellent Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs

Here are 8 EGGcellent Ways to  Use Plastic Easter Eggs!


My friend Christine loves to fill her eggs with little plastic rings (like THESE from Amazon – pack of 144), stickers, or small toys (like an Easter Egg hunt),

Suzanne Broadhurst plastic easter eggs surprise

but actually includes them in her Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts as a little extra surprise.  While the shoeboxes are packed with necessities and some toys – a tiny hidden treat is a great addition!  Suzanne does something similar, but packs small erasers in her plastic eggs, just like THESE from Amazon. 


These also hold a tiny gift, but instead of being enclosed in a donation gift, these are part of a birthday party celebration!  The blog TidBits and Twine held a Minion-themed birthday party and for one of their activities provided a scavenger hunt with plastic eggs decorated as Minions.  This is a wonderful way to incorporate a theme and reuse these containers at other times during the year!  Check HERE for all the info!



Since Easter eggs come in different sizes, choose a larger one and fill with thread, safety pins, sewing needles (safely inserted in a piece of felt or cardboard case) measuring tape, and buttons.  These are great to tuck in a suitcase or also include in a shoebox gift or shelter present.  I found THESE  measuring tapes you can include.

For more ideas about making mini sewing kits – Check out my post HERE!

I remember the jingle “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” from tv commercials of long ago.  They were fun to play with!  AndNextComesL made bunny Weebles for the Easter Season but also has links for Weebles you can enjoy all year long.  Here are the directions! (Secret: they are weighted in the bottom!)






My friend Kathy found these hilarious Plastic Easter Eggs with goofy faces!  She found a perfect use for them – making Maracas!

She holds a monthly craft event at her church and highlights a special craft each time.  One day she had all these eggs, plastic Easter grass, glue, spoons, tape, and other decorations spread out on a table.  It was so much fun!  We filled the eggs with something that will make noise when shaken.

(You could use rice or beans for home use.  Specifically for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, however, you MUST USE NON-FOOD ITEMS ONLY, even aquarium rocks are not allowed. For more info check their FAQ section under “gift suggestions”.  We used pony beads, but you could also use plastic pellets. Also include a note saying what they have been filled with, to clarify for the processing center volunteers.)

We then sealed them closed using hot glue.  You want to make sure they are sealed tightly – you don’t want those little items spilling out!  I then put a glob of hot glue on the inside of 2 quality plastic spoons and stuck them on each side of the egg.  With a strip of washi tape or duct tape, I wrapped the bottom of the spoons to further secured the handles.  This really makes a firm maraca!  E6000 glue could also be used instead of hot glue – it makes a permanent bond.

To decorate, I added another mound of hot glue on the top of the head and dunked him into a bowl filled with cut-up Easter grass (for the silly hair).  You could also use shredded paper or ribbons as well.  Voila – crazy Maracas!


Follow the directions above for Maracas.  However, these are much easier to make!  You simply skip the step of adding the spoons and just have Egg SHAKERS.  That would be great fun as well!


JoAnn Fabrics has a fun tutorial to make these silly light-up bugs using pipe cleaners and flameless votives! Check it out here!


Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris made a caterpillar using a bunch of plastic eggs and of course pipe cleaners – the essential crafting material!  They are definitely fun to make and to play with!

These are just 8 ideas of how to upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs.

I’m sure you could come up with more!  If you do, make sure to let me know!

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2 Comments on Plastic Easter Eggs: EGG-cellent Ways to Use Them

  1. I love your maraca craft. Is rice not allowed in maracas for samaritans purse? I would love to make these for the boxes.

    • Hi Laurie! No food items of any kind can be packed into an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. And that includes putting it inside a maraca. So you can substitute clean gravel, pony beads and plastic pellets. They would make a great sound as well. Plus after listening to alot of Processing Center volunteer inspectors, it’s a good idea to add a note saying what you filled them with – so they don’t assume it is rice or beans and remove them.

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