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Do YOU have extra t shirts?  Cleaning out recently I was surprised at the amount I found squirreled in the bottom of drawers, or the back of closets a host of t shirts that we will never wear again.  I have a great way to upcycle those useless shirts into something useful and FUN!  You can repurpose T Shirts into Jump Ropes!  Our friend Linda shared these easy directions.

How to Repurpose T Shirts into Jump Ropes:

  • lots of old colorful t shirts (the larger the Tshirts, the fewer you need)
  • good pair of scissors
  • (optional) cutting mat and rotary cutter (from Amazon)

First gather your all t shirts.  You can even ask your friends!  AND you can even use shirts that have rips or stains. They can have any amount of pictures and printing on the front.  It won’t matter at all when the t shirts are all cut in pieces!  Then wash and dry all the shirts (it will get rid of any musty smells from storage).

Easy DIY tutorial How to repurporse t shirts into jump ropes

  • Lay the t shirt out on a flat surface or cutting mat.
  • Start cutting a 1.5 inch strip horizontally across the body of the shirt starting from the very bottom hem of the shirt.  Go around and around, cutting one continuous length of t shirt “rope”
  • Continue cutting until you reach the armpit. Optional: You can cut shorter strips from the sleeves, if desired!
  • Once the full t shirt strip is cut, run your hand along the entire length of the t shirt strip, stretching it.  The “raw” edges begin to curl in on itself.
  • Tie three strips together in one big knot (this will be your first handle!).  It makes a more interesting rope if you pick 3 different colors to start your jump rope.

How to braid and repurpose t shirts into jump ropes Easy DIY Tutorial

  • Then begin to braid the t shirt “rope” together.  If they are not long enough, you can attach additional lengths.
  • Once your t shirt jump rope is as long as you would like, tie the three strips together to make a final large knot (your second handle!).


Easy DIY tutorial How to repurporse t shirts into jump ropes Here is a printable instructional picture to include

(Suggested lengths:  7-8 feet for the younger ages 5 through 10, then 9-10 feet for 10 and up)  These jump ropes are easily altered to be longer or shorter. Try making a really long jump rope to jump with a friend.

If you are sending these repurposed t shirt jump ropes in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift, or other overseas donations, the children may never have jumped rope before!  Therefore,  I’ve have a graphic that you can print out and attach so that child will know just how to play with your gift!

CLICK HERE to download the instructional picture; there are 12 to a page.  I would suggest printing on cardstock.  You can use a hole puncher corner, and attach with string or yarn to the t shirt jump ropes.

If you find the instructions confusing at all, I found a great YOUTUBE video of 2 young girls explaining just how to make these ropes!

you can upcycle and repurpose t shirts into jump ropes

This is a wonderful craft to do with large groups of kids (perhaps in VBS or Sunday School).  You can even enlist your youth groups to collect T-shirts to repurpose.   The more T-shirts the group collects, the more varied and colorful the jump ropes will be!  This could be a terrific project for scout or 4 H groups as well.

Kids love to jump rope you can repurpose t shirts into jump ropes

This is a wonderful way to upcycle and repurpose t shirts into jump ropes and make a free or inexpensive item to donate!

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    • You don’t have to buy them Beverly. In the post itself, it says to “CLICK HERE” to get the picture and print it yourself. There are 12 pictures of that little boy jumping rope to a page. Just cut apart, use a hole puncher to punch a hole, attach some string and tie it onto the rope. Easy

    • Hi Linh! Are you talking about Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes? You can gather all kinds of donations and bring them during National Collection Week (always the third week in November). You would pack them in a bag or carton (NOT a shoebox) and CLEARLY mark on the outside “FILLER ITEMS”. Then you can drop them off at any drop off location (many near you I’m sure). They would then go with the shoeboxes to the processing centers. During processing inspection, sometimes they have to remove liquids or war toys and that leaves an empty spot in the shoebox. Then the inspectors will place a donated “filler” item into that space! Your donation would be perfect! BUT know that Operation Christmas Child will never turn away a shoebox if it didn’t have the full or any shipping money included. They encourage, but they will accept any and all shoeboxes.

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