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Our friend Penny has researched through the many store flyers to tell us the latest deals!  Here are the SCHOOL SUPPLY SALES for July 9 through July 15, 2017.  They include Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, Big Lots and Smith’s (a Kroger supermarket). A BIG Thank You to Penny for her hard work!  I’ve included a few great deals I found at Amazon and Walmart as well!

These sales will help with your family budget, and you can pick up a great quantity to donate to various backpack programs, local struggling schools, and Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Each program has different rules of what can be included, so make sure to check your individual program for requirements!

School Supply Sales for July for Walgreens Target Dollar General Amazon Staples Office Depot

Here are the School Supply Sales for July 9-15:

Elmer’s Glue Sticks, 2pk, .25
Crayola Crayons, 24 pk, .50
CrazArt Crayons, 24 pk, .25
Pen+Gear No. 2 Wood Pens, 5 pk, .25
Pen+Gear One-Subject Notebook, 70 Sheets, .25
Pen+Gear Binder Pouch, .48

Highlighters, 6 for $1 (or .29 ea)
Wexford school supplies, including 3 pk glue sticks (& pencil sharpeners?), .49
Mead pencil pouches, etc., BOGOfree
2 pocket folders, 6 for $1 (or .29 ea)
PaperMate or Sharpie mechanical pencils, pens, highlighters, .99

BIC 10-ct Xtra Life pens, .99
Crayola 10 ct classic markers, .99
Buy 3 Elmer’s Glue, 4 oz $0.99, regular price but use one $1.00/3 coupon: Elmer’s Glues, 4 oz or larger from SS 6/4 packet exp. 9/11) with a final price of 66 cents each when you buy 3.
Up&Up 2 pack scissors, .99
Elmer’s glue, .50
60 Elmer’s Glue Sticks for about 19 cents each (prices go up and down at Amazon).

Grab 2 packs of 72 (or 144 total) at Amazon for about 8 cents each.

Pack of 96 Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils for a good deal at Amazon.  These are expensive pencils but they are made by Prang (an art supply company) and know for their superior quality.  Many many teachers commented on FB that these are the highest quality.  They are the ones use and require for their classrooms indicating that they sharpen the best and the erasers don’t smudge.

Dollar General:
BIC round stick pens, 10 ct, .50
Crayola crayons, 24 ct, .50
Crayola colored pencils, 12 ct, $1
1 subject notebook, .33
Imagine-brand colored pencils .50 cents
Dollar General School Supply Sales July
Big Lots

1-subject notebooks, .17

TODAY ONLYBig Lots 20% off entire purchase School Supplies Sales for July

Office Depot/Office Max:

Office Depot brand 2 pocket paper folders, .01 w/$5 purchase (limit 10)
Office Depot cap erasers, 12 pk, .25 (limit 3)
Sharpie single permanent markers, .50 (limit 3)
Office Depot wooden metal-edge ruler 12”, .25 (limit 3)
Mini stapler, $1 (limit 3)
BIC brite liner highlighters 5 pk, .50 (limit 3)
1 ream of Boise multipurpose paper $6 (earn $5.99 reward), limit 3 rewards


Staples glue sticks 4 pk, $1 (no limit)
Crayola crayons 24 pk, .50 (limit 30)
Staples wood pencils 12 pk, .50 (no limit)
Staples comp books, .50 (limit 30)
Staples filler paper 120 sheets, .50 (limit 5)
Staples #2 gripped mechanical pencils 6 pk, .50 (limit 5)
Staples 1 subject poly notebook 70 sheets, .50 (limit 5)
Staples Comfort Stic ballpoint pens, black, 12 pk, .50 (no limit)
Staples school glue 4 oz, .50 (no limit)

Smith’s (prices effective till 9/11):

1 subject notebooks, 70 sheets, wide or college ruled, .19
Paper Mate mechanical pencils, 10 ct, $1
Paper Mate pens, 10 ct black or blue or assorted colors, $1
Paper Mate inkjoy ballpoint pens, 8 ct, $1.49

I can hardly believe that we have “Back to School” deals!  School just ended for many just over a week ago.  But this is a fantastic time to pick up lots of wonderful items at a fraction of the cost that they will be in late August and early Septemer.  Families will be scrambling with their lists and paying top dollar at that time!  Make sure to check out these school supply sales for July NOW and save yourself time and money!

And make sure to regularly check my “Deals” page for all the latest sales!



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  1. FYI, Office Depot also has 24 packs of the Ticonderoga brand of pencils for $3.00 each (it’s in our ad, but not on the main page). I picked up a couple of boxes today and there’s no limit. Price is comparable to Amazon if you need 96, $12.00 v. $10.93 (I’m seeing $14.23 with $3.30 off if you buy one right now), and cheaper if you need less.

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