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A simple gift can bring great joy!  One such item is a soccer ball.  Throw one into a group of kids anywhere in the world – and you have an immediate game with laughter and competition. Giving a small simple gift can mean the world to a child and their community.  Here is a list of soccer ball discount deals and pumps as well!

Soccer Ball Discount Deals:

1.  FRANKLIN SPORTS:  Jennifer loves packing a deflated soccer ball and pump every year into her Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.  But purchasing a large amount can get expensive.  She reached out to Franklin Sports to see if she could get a deal if she bought in bulk.  And they responded!  Joshua, a Sale Representative at Franklin Sports is offering this deal on their quality size 4 soccer balls:

A soccer ball can mean so much to a child

Size 4 Black and White Soccer Balls for $4.10 plus shipping:  Normally $9.99 each, BUT purchase a case 60 deflated balls and they will be $4.10 each plus shipping (must be purchased in case lots).  Shipping costs will vary between locales.  They ship from Memphis, TN and estimated shipping for a case of 60 balls to Portland, Maine is $45.  (Also available for pickup from TN)    This is a good deal if you can purchase in bulk.  You must contact Joshua directly to get the deal.  (You can mention Jennifer told you about the deal!)  Size 4 is perfect for ages younger through 8-12.  Older age teens would still enjoy a 4, but might require a regulation size 5.  These balls come deflated.

  • Joshua Simmons
  • Sales Rep. Franklin Sports Inc.
  • 17 Campanelli Parkway Stoughton, MA 02072
  • P: 781 573 2465
  • E:

2.  WALMART has a size 4 Franklin Soccer Ball for $4.88 online HERE.  You can order online and have them Free Shipped to your store to guarantee you will get them.

3.  KOLE IMPORTS:  for soccer ball discount deals for a size 5, Kole Imports has a SIZE 5 plastic ball but since the shipping can be high, bulk orders are the best.  $4.37 each (plus shipping).  I priced 50 at a total of $218.50, with (for me) a shipping cost of $42.80 = $261.33 BUT divide that by 50 and EACH will then be $5.23 each for a size 5.  (NOTE: Shipping will vary according to location.)

4.  5 BELOW:  5Below often carries size 4 and size 5 Soccer Balls (and many other sport balls) during the summer and fall.  Speak to the manager, they have the deflated balls in the storeroom.

Deals on Soccer Ball Pumps:

Whichever soccer ball discount deals you find, you will need to include a pump (and extra pins).

1.  THE FRIENDLY SWEDE is an Amazon seller and has reached out to our giving community with a 15% off coupon deal!  They sell all kinds of products with excellent reviews including high-quality air pumps for soccer balls.

  • Add at least 2 or more of the Friendly Swede product items to your cart
  • enter MY SPECIAL discount CODE OF CLIPWP18 at check-out in the promotional code box
  • You will get 15% off the entire purchase price (when you purchase 2 or more Friendly Swede items)
  • You should see a “Promotion applied” message before paying, to know that it worked.


Dollar Tree pump good to inflate a soccer ballThey have THESE pumps at Dollar Tree.  I’ve gotten these a number of times and have been happy with them.  Certainly not as high quality as the Friendly Swede brand, but still quite usable.  I would suggest purchasing extra “pins” like these from Amazon.  They do break easily and without a pin, you can’t inflate the ball!

Sometimes difficult to find in the store (do not get the “blue ones”), so order them online and have them shipped to your store for free!

3.  AMAZON:  There is a full Franklin Sports Ball maintainence pump kit from Amazon HERE for less than the official FS website.

Again, extra pins are important to include whatever pump you choose.  If you want to purchase just extra pins CLICK HERE from Amazon.

Get free shipping on a $25 order OR snag free 2-day shipping on ANY size order with Amazon Prime (you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here). OR, choose free no-rush shipping and get a $5 credit for Prime Pantry OR a $1 credit for eBooks & more – may vary by user.

Where can you Donate NEW Soccer Balls?

Operation Christmas ChildPack a shoebox filled with hygiene items, school supplies and perhaps even a soccer ball!  Here is a wonderful story about a missionary bring soccer supplies to a Syrian refugee camp – Check it out HERE.

Charity Ball:  Ethan King was only 10 when he was playing soccer with a group of children in Mozambique when it hit him, he says, “how much joy a single soccer ball could bring.” After a couple of kids showed him their soccer balls, made of balled-up trash bags and twine, he said: “I felt really bad knowing that I had seven soccer balls in my garage back home and these kids didn’t even have one or have access to buy one.”   Ethan began Charity Ball: a global soccer charity fueled by kids, fans, and athletes who believe that giving back and playing for something bigger can make the world more beautiful.  For more info check it out HERE.

Only have used equipment?

Do you have soccer balls, cleats, etc. that are collecting dust in your garage.  Did you know there are also organizations that would LOVE them?

Peace Passers lets you donate used soccer equipment – there are drop off locations all over the US!  WOW!  They will then donate them to local  community groups that have limited access to proper gear.  For more info check it out HERE.

Kids in Haiti often play soccer barefoot, kicking around plastic bottles or tin cans if they can’t find a ball. One of the biggest ways you can help is to donate new and lightly used soccer equipment.  You could donate them to Goals for Haiti.  For more info check it out HERE.

I hope I was able to help you find some great soccer ball discount deals!  Make sure to check all the bargains and deals I post here at JOY with Purpose!  Don’t miss a sale!

Check all the other charities I post here at JOY with Purpose.

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  1. Good Morning Everybody,

    I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. If anybody has any questions or needs anything, please do not hesitate to call or email me anytime. I am more than happy to help in any way that I can. I look forward to hearing from many of you soon.

    Thank you,
    Joshua Simmons
    Franklin Sports Inc./Sales Rep
    T: 781-573-2465

    • Thank you Joshua. I’ve been sending a bunch of people your way! Thank you so much for all that you are doing for people wishing to donate soccer balls.

  2. Hi there. My company, One World Play Project, also offers soccer balls in bulk. We are bit more expensive than Franklin mainly because our balls are indestructible. The are built to withstand the harshest conditions in the world. They never go flat and never need a pump. And the best part is when you buy one, we DONATE one on your behalf. We are B. Corporation which means we measure our success not just on how much money we make but also by the impact our product has. Take a look and see the ball in action. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions. Thanks for all you do!!

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