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It’s time once again for the 3rd Annual Spring Craft Convention.  It is sponsored by the Facebook Page:  Crafting for Shoeboxes.  It is a “virtual” convention, online only.  Here’s an opportunity to show off your crafts and learn new ones.  You WILL want to sign up for this FREE event for March 19 through March 20, 2017 – and never have leave your home to attend the Spring Craft Convention!

Spring Craft Convention for shoebox appeals

(Photos above are from 3 shoebox appeals:  Link to Hope, OCC UK and Team Hope Ireland.) While many projects discussed at the Spring Craft Convention work perfectly for various shoebox appeals, they will work for local community donations as well.
From the Event Page:

Please join us for two days of crafting, discussions, idea sharing and some friendly shoebox chit-chat. Show us what you are working on for your shoeboxes this month, and tell us about what you’re going to make next.  Let’s work on our projects together.
Please invite your friends – “Happiness is Handmade.”
Whether you pop in and out each day or just visit once, please do come to the convention – you don’t even have to leave your house and you don’t have to dress as Princess Leia (unless you want to).

Click HERE for more information about the Spring Craft Convention and to sign up.

You DO NOT have to have a Facebook account to participate.  It is open to everyone.

The dates again are March 19 through March 20, 2017. (Even if you miss this year’s event, check next March for the 4th Annual virtual convention!) People from all over the world will be participating and showing off their crafts they’ve made to bless others.  See YOU there!

To check out a few of the crafts they’ve shared in the past, Crafting for Shoeboxes also has a web page:  CLICK HERE to check it out.

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