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How To Make Wire Rings From a Surprising Source!

What a surprise I had when I saw this craft!  I met Rilla on Facebook.  She is one of the most creative persons I know.  Every day she is crafting something wonderful and new for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Each craft is more ingenious than the next and frequently upcycles items to frugally create wonderful items children will love!  I hope to do a series of Rilla’s crafts – but today she is sharing “How to Make Wire Rings from a very surprising source!” 


Why You Should Check Out the Walmart Easter Clearance!

Why YOU Should Check out Walmart Easter Clearance

You need to check out the Walmart Easter Clearance!  I was hesitant at first because my local Walmart rarely has the great deals I’ve seen on so many other shopping blogs. 


Upcycle Thrift Store Cards: Easily Transform Them to Look Handmade

Upcycle Thrift Store Cards and Easily transform them into something special.

Who doesn’t love searching through garage sales and thrift stores?  It’s a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find.  I recently spotted packs and packs of beautiful greeting cards recently at a GoodWill store.  They were promotional items sent out by various charities to their donors.  BUT they had their imprints on the back of each one.  I didn’t want to send a special card with that, so I had an idea!  Time to UPCYCLE thrift store cards and easily transform them to look like something handmade!


Plastic Easter Eggs – EGGcellent Ways to Use Them

10 EGGcellent Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter Egg hunts!  My children loved them.  Our church had a special day before Easter with games and prizes.  Then, of course, we had to have a second hunt on Easter morning with family and friends.   BUT what to do with those eggs afterwards?  In addition, more plastic eggs will be on clearance (at 75-90% off they will be just pennies each).  What fun, frugal and useful ways can we UPCYCLE plastic Easter eggs after Easter?  Here are 3 EGGcellent Ways to Use Them! (Check this post here to see the Walmart Sale.)


10 Easy Washcloth Tutorials to Sew, Knit or Crochet

Everyone needs washcloths!  I’ve made many to give away at family baby showers.  And every one of my shoebox gifts included one and a bar of soap.  Soldier, veteran and homeless organizations also need donations for their hygiene kits.  Looking through my Pinterest Boards, I found some of my favorite ones to make.  Here are 10 of the Easy Washcloth Tutorials I found to sew, knit or crochet.


Crocheted Toss Rings

Here is a simple, easy and inexpensive craft.  My friend Cindy loves to craft and loves to donate.  To keep costs down, she looks carefully at every item before it hits the trash.  Can it be transformed and used in another way?  Her resourcefulness came up with this fun project:  Crocheted Toss Rings!  I loved them and wanted to share them with you.