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I found such wonderful treasures at my local Target Easter Clearance!  There were three full aisles on sale.  Two were filled with candy and food items and one aisle had clothing and toys.  There were signs posted everywhere that read 50% off.  Everything was still neat and fully stocked.  However I had seen postings on Facebook that indicated a larger sale.  I price checked and it was!  70% off non-food items and 50% off candy!  YAY.  What a great hidden secret!

Target Easter Clearance

I found Felt Books that listed at $3 and now were 90 cents each.  Each opened into a large playmat with a bag of felt accessories.  The Pink one was a house and the blue one had 4 environments.  They would make a great WOW gift for shoeboxes, or any organization! Definitely worth hunting for these!

Target Easter Clearance note cards
I found several sets of blank Notecards that were originally $3, now 90 cents each.  There were lots of stickers and rub-ons $1, now 30 cents.  Perfect to write notes for shoeboxes or embellish for any letter/card writing organization such as Sunshine Snail Mail, Operation Gratitude or Cards for Kids.

Target Easter Clearance socks
There was a huge bin of Socks in the cutest Easter designs that were formerly $1 and now are 30 cents.  Who doesn’t love silly socks?  There were toddler sizes to older kids sizes as well.  I found another bin of infinity scarves that were $3 now 90 cents.  I picked one up for myself 🙂 but they would also be perfect for donations to women’s shelters! Large Print Bibles
The Target Easter Clearance (as with any of their holiday clearance sales) starts at 50% (30% off food) and then progresses to 70%/50% and finally 90%/70%.  Frequently the signs will not be updated and the employees themselves might not be aware of the percentages – or the dates they will change.  My store still had 50% off signs and the employees had no idea that it was currently at 70% off.  That’s why the price checking machine is so important!

I believe that the Target Easter Clearance will go to 90% off by this weekend – April 22 or April 23rd.  Happy Hunting!

Target Easter Clearance – Treasure Hunting at 70% Discount

Target Easter Clearance - great treasure finds!



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