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I’m excited to share with you my favorite crochet pattern, from one of my favorite people:  The Aunt Ida Hat!

Do you have a hero that inspires you?  My heros were my Mother and my Aunts.

Each of the sisters – Anne, Ida and Lily – loved family and loved God, often having Bible studies and prayer times with each other and their children and grandchildren.  They believed in PURPOSEFUL and JOYFUL living! and expressing themselves in art through painting, jewelry making, and needlework.  My mother’s twin sister (my Aunt Ida), lived the longest – and made it to 98!  She was passionate about crocheting.  During her last ten years she made over 3000 hats (we call them the Aunt Ida hat).

No matter our age, health or circumstance:  God can use us to help others. – Aunt Ida

She donated them to everyone whenever she heard a need:  women’s prisons, homeless shelters, Operation Christmas Child, and church thrift shops.

Each one was treasured because of the love and care they represented.  Tucked into every hat was a special handtyped scripture that spoke about God’s love.  She felt it added an extra “hug” to the gift.


“I know that is the reason that at my age, I am as contented as I am, and I look forward each day to the things waiting for me to do.”

The Aunt Ida Hat crocheted hat pattern

This Aunt Ida hat is an easy crochet pattern she designed.  You will find you can make more than one in an evening!  My Aunt mostly used only one color, I like to use up scrap yarn and change color almost every row.

Instructions for the Aunt Ida Hat:

I use an I or a J hook.

However, you can use a smaller hook and thinner yarn to make one for a smaller size.  Everyone crochets differently – some tight and some loose.  When I use an I hook it fits my adult head size.  Therefore the best advice I can give to you is.   You can get a crochet hook set of 5 different sizes that you can experiment with HERE at Amazon.
Crochet Instructions:

  • Round 1 Chain 4, slip stitch in first chain to form a ring. Chain 3 (this counts as a double crochet) then 11 dc (double crochet) in ring, join with sl st (slip stitch) in top of chain 3 (12 stitches).
  • Round 2 (Chain 3, 2 dc) in first stitch, dc front post (fp) around the next stitch, (3 dc in next st, fp around next st) around, join. (24 stitches).  The “front post” stitch makes those lovely little ridges you can see in the picture below.  I like them because it helps me to keep accurate count as you keep crocheting around the circle.
  • Round 3 (Chain 3, dc) in first st, fp around next st, (2 dc in next st, fp around next st) around, join (36 sts)Round 4: (Chain 3, dc) in first st, dc in next st, fp around next st, (2 dc in next st, dc in next st, fp around next st) around, join. (48 sts)

  • Round 5-12 Chain 3, dc in next 2 stitches, fp around next st, (dc in next 3 sts, fp around next st) around, join.  (Keep repeating and slowly the circle turns in on itself and takes a hat shape.)

(Now I don’t necessarily do 12 rows. I do more or less – as many as looks good or feels good on my head.  Most of all, crocheting is very forgiving, if you make a mistake, it still might make a very nice hat!  I always try it on my own head and make sure that it comes to around my ears to make sure it is long enough – you don’t want to make a tiny cap.  If you continue with more and more rows, you could roll up the bottom to create a different look!)

  • Last Row  Single crochet all around.  Fasten Off.  (Ok sometimes I do a half-double crochet all around.  You could even do a scallop if you want to be adventurous.  Be creative – have fun!  This now becomes YOUR creation!

Here’s a really nice set of Ergonomic Crochet Hooks at Amazon!

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This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small amount from the company mentioned in this post. For more info check my full disclosure statement.


11 comments on “The Aunt Ida Hat: Free Pattern”

  1. Your aunt Ida sounds a lot like my nanna! My nanna made thousands of hats as she got older, most just got donated to different family members. I love that she added a little note on the inside, what a lovely lady! Plus the hat is super cute! Thanks for sharing! I feel very reassured knowing that the hat will still look good if you make mistakes, I’m quite a beginner at crochet.

  2. What a lovely post! And what a perfect way to practice our craft–helping those in need. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I will make sure everyone knows they are Aunt Ida’s hats.

  3. We will be including Aunt Ida hats in all of OCC shoeboxes this year — and most of the 100 packed with the kids at church. I love that even tho Aunt Ida’s hand are no longer crocheting here on earth, her hats continue to be made. Such an inspiration.

    • God bless you Cheryl! That is so exciting and encouraging. I can’t even fathom the amount of people she will have influenced. While she was growing older and could no longer drive, she was discouraged that her ministry was over. God told her that she could still do so much from inside her home. And look what has developed. Amazing.

  4. What a beautiful testimony! She ( Aunt Ida ) may be gone but her ministry carries on, thru you, when you share her life, her craft, and her love of God. Thank you for sharing with me. I will do my best to honor your aunt and her message with every hat that I make and pass on. Have a Blessed day!

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