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Toothbrushes are a great item to donate to so many different charities! They are inexpensive but oh so important!  Perfect for hygiene kits for the homeless, and other shelters, sent to  Military and veterans groups and include in various shoebox projects.  You might be surprised to hear that children find them to be a very special treat in their Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts!  I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best places to buy toothbrushes in bulk that you can donate.

Top 10 Best places to buy toothbrushes in bulk

Now, you COULD clip coupons to get some great deals.  But what do you do if you need large quantities?  It’s so much easier to purchase them at once, online and in BULK.  I have found that everyone has a different opinion about toothbrushes, a different need, and a different price point. There is no right or wrong, you must decide what would works best for your needs.  Here are the top 10 best places to buy toothbrushes in bulk!

Each website runs specials, closeouts and different shipping deals throughout the year.  Some might have better “prices” but make sure to check and include “shipping” in the cost!

Plak Smacker (currently running a sale through July 31st.)

Amazon, here for 1000 toothbrushes (Free Shipping) or here if they’ve run out.  BUT if you need a smaller amount, then check here for 100 toothbrushes

Overstock (lower quality “disposable” type, but perfect for many donation needs)

Dollar Tree  (Easier to purchase large amounts online.  Get Free Shipping if you have them delivered to your local store)


Walmart (Just like Dollar Tree, they are easier to purchase large quantities online. Dr. Fresh toothbrushes – ship to store for Free Shipping)



Venture Six

MD Supplies (variety of types, Free Shipping, but large bulk quantities)

You could include a toothbrush holder with your donated toothbrush. They would particularly be useful for shelters.  I found these at Amazon:

A few years ago I hosted Oksana Nelson, an Operation Christmas Child shoebox recipient in my area.  She had received a shoebox gift while living in an orphanage in Russia. She shared an incredible story about toothbrushes.  There was only 1 toothbrush to share between all the 20 girls on her floor! Receiving a toothbrush of her very own was indeed a very special gift. You might like to hear her full story HERE on Youtube.

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This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small amount from the company mentioned in this post. For more info, check my full Disclosure statement.




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3 comments on “TOP 10 Best Places to Buy Toothbrushes in Bulk”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these deals! I stock up on shoebox items during back to school sales, and I’ve had a hard time finding great deals on toothbrushes at the stores this summer.

    • I’m so glad Diane! Toothbrush deals in the stores have been more difficult these past few years and so online purchasing seems to be the way to go.

  2. There is also a site, Betty Mills, that has great deals on toothbrushes and holders and tons of other items in large quantity and very reasonable but MDSupply still beats their price.

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