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It’s hard to imagine that it’s getting closer to back to school!  But the sales are in full swing.  Today I’ve listed the TOP 15 Stores With the Best Deals on School Supplies this week of July 22 through July 28.  Some deals will end earlier, such as Kroger, and some like Walmart or Dollar Tree are ongoing.  Each store has a at least one item that is so cheap it will bring you running into the store.  But then their other items can be overpriced.  It is very important that you KNOW YOUR PRICES so you can get your best deals.  If you do see a great deal – BUY it NOW, it may not be on sale next week.  Staples and Office Depot rotate their items on sale.  I personally love ordering online and saving time and gas is the best, lol!

Here are the TOP 15 Stores With the Best Deals on School Supplies

There is a  Bic Stationery product coupon (expiration date 8/3/18) in the SmartSource flyer in most newspapers from 7/22.  (Limit use of 2 identical coupons per household per day.)  Many of the stores listed have Bic Pens on sale – so using the coupon will make them even CHEAPER or FREE!

Here are the TOP 15 Stores With the Best Deals on School Supplies

1. 5 BELOW

Backpacks, $5
Pencil Sharpeners, 20 ct, $1 (Best deal on sharpeners.)


50% off Backpacks
Playskool Crayons, 69 cents
Playskool liquid glue, 69 cents
Bic Pens $1.50 (use the $1 off coupon found in this week’s newspaper)
Most of the other school supplies are included in this weeks: Buy One Get Next One 1/2 Off.


Walgreens is one of the stores to check for the Best Deals on School Supplies

Backpacks, $3 (limited to store stock)
Crayola Crayons, 99 cents (not a great price – you can get them for 50 cents elsewhere)
Crayola Colored Pencils, 99 cents
COUPON:  Buy 1 Bic Crystal Pens, 10, ct., $1.29 Use one $1.00/1 – Bic Stationery Product coupon) then pay remaining 29 cents.

4. KROGER (family of supermarkets, many have different names)

FREE WITH COUPON:  Buy 1 Bic Crystal Pens, 10 ct, $1 sale price through 9/23 (Use one $1.00/1– Bic Stationery Product coupon)

Valid through July 24th

Crayola Crayons, 49 cents
OfficeWorks Pencils, 10 pk, 50 cents
150 ct Filler Paper, 89 cents
Top Flight Composition Book, 2 for $1
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 for $2.99 (Amazon has them for a much better price)
Spiral Notebooks, $1 (cheaper elsewhere)
Office Works Kids Scissors, 59 cents
Crayola Colored Pencils, $1.49 (cheaper elsewhere)
Elmers liquid glue, 4 oz, 59 cents, 5 oz, 10 for $10
PaperMate Pens, 10 ct., 10 for $10
Avery Highlighters, 6 ct., 10 for $10
Avery 1″ Binder, $1.99

Check out my post on the 10 Best Places to Purchase Toothbrushes in Bulk! I add a toothbrush in each of my pencil case donations as a little extra!


The new flyer contains a great coupon $10 off $50, or $20 off $100, or $40 off of $200, or $100 orr $500.  Terrific to combine getting school supplies, and maybe hygiene items along with any furniture or other big purchases.

Spiral Notebooks,17 cents
School Organization items, 50 cents
Filler Paper, 150 ct, $1
CrazArt Colored Pencils, $1
2 pocket folders, 17 cents
Composition 100 page notebooks, 50 cents


Family Dollar is one of the stores to check for the Best Deals on School Supplies

Backpacks, $5-$10

I don’t have the pricing on each item to list as they don’t have a full flyer or online website.  However, from the ad it says that each of these are $1 or less.  For the Crayola items, that is comparable to every other store around.  I wouldn’t pay $1 for CrazArt however, so know your prices before you go.


Many are “in store only” deal, some have purchase limits:

2 pocket poly folder, 35 cents
Staples liquid glue, 50 cents
Staples Index cards, 50 cents
Staples Mechanical Pencils, Assorted Colors, 12 ct., 50 cents (limit 5)
Composition Books, 50 cents (limit 30)
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents (limit 30)
BIC Retractable Ball Pens, 5 ct., 50 cents (limit 5)
Sharpie permanent markers, 5/pack, $1.92 (limit 5)
Staples 1″ standard view binder, $1.92
Filler Paper, 120 sheets, 85 cents (limit 30)


Amazon changes their prices constantly, but I have often found, if I’m patient, they have the best prices – PLUS they are delivered to my door!  Can’t beat that!

Do you participate in a BackPack donation program?  This is a good deal on Bulk 17″ Backpacks at Amazon.

Here is a fun pack of colorful UNICORN 9″x8″ drawstring backpacks.

I like to add a little notepad into my pencil case donations – here are small 3″ pads, 72 to a pack with lots of cheerful designs at Amazon.

Check out my Amazon “store” with all my favorite items! CHECK HERE


Through August 4th, Menards is having great deals on school supplies!  EVERYTHING IS UNDER 79 cents!  This would be be the very FIRST place to check out if you have a local store (I do not sadly!)

You can check online to check all the prices!


They have closed all of my local stores – but I’m excited that they can be purchased online with free delivery at $35+ OR if you DO have a store, you can choose to have them SHIPPED TO YOUR STORE FOR EASY FREE PICKUP!  Check HERE for all the school supply deals

There have been no “PENNY DEALS” this year.  Seems they are running simple sales this summer instead.  

Slider pencil box, 50 cents
Plastic pencil box, $1
OD Index cards, 100, (lined or unlined) 50 cents
Pocket paper folders, 15 cents
OD brand eraser caps, 12 ct, 60 cents
OD brand pencil sharpeners, 50 cents
OD Pens, 10 pk, $1
Scholastic Crayons, 45 cents (12 per household)
Scholastic colored pencils, 89 cents (12 per household)
Scholastic markers (Fine Tip or Broad Tip) 89 cents (12 per household)
OD brand pencils 12 ct, 75 cents
Composition books, 50 cents (a bunch of fun colors available HERE) (12 per household)
Rulers, a variety from 25-50 cents
Crayola crayons, 50 cents
Crayola color pencils, $1
Crayola markers (Broad Line or Fine Tip), $1


Check HERE for all the Back to School Supplies at Target!  You can purchase ONLINE and have free ship to store for easy pickup!

FREE WITH COUPON:  Bic Pens, 10 ct, 99 cents (Use one $1.00/1 – Bic Stationery Product coupon)

Pencil Case, 99 cents
Crayola markers, 10 ct, 99 cents
Crayola Colored Pencils, 99 cents
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Wood ruler, 25 cents
Elmer’s 4-oz. liquid glue, 50 cents
Elmer’s glue sticks, 2 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up crayons, 25 cents
Unruled Index Cards, 49 cents
Ruled Index cards, 89 cents
Cap erasers, 25 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up Pencils, 24 ct, $1.19
Up&Up colored pencils, 12 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up, pink erasers, 2 ct, 50 cents
Up&Up markers, 50 cents

Check out my 15 Frugal Tips to Save Money in Your Family Budget! Just a few small changes can save you thousands of dollars each year!


Dollar Tree stock will vary – but you can ORDER ONLINE!   CHECK HERE for the all of the school supply items.  They can be purchased online and then shipped to your local store for FREE easy pickup! (most stores)

FREE WITH COUPON:  Buy 1 Bic Round Stick pens, 10 ct. $1 (Use one $1.00/1 – Bic Stationery Product coupon)  Yes Dollar Tree does take coupons!

Pencil sharpeners 12 for $1
Pencils, 24 for $1
Filler Paper, 150 sheets, $1
Plastic Pencil Cases, $1
Lightweight Drawstring Backpacks, $1
Pencil Top Erasers, 40 ct, $1
Bic Pens, 10 pk $1
Mechanical Pencils 6 ct, $1
1″ Binders, $1


The flyer does not have all the items they offer.  Check HERE for Dollar General Online. They have FREE SHIPPING at $40+ with the code FREESHIP

PLUS Save $5 on $15+ Back to School Stationery Items with promo code SCHOOLSAVE. Offer valid 7/15 – 9/4. OR if you are shopping in the store, CHECK HERE for your coupon good through 9/4  There is also a coupon for $5 off $25 good through July 28!

Check HERE for all the School Supplies Products!

Pocket folders, 6 for $1
Crayola colored pencils, $1
Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
Composition books (regular or poly cover), 2 for $1
Elmer’s White Glue, 50 cents
Mead filler paper, 125 sheets, 75 cents
Imagine White Glue, 4 for $1
Imagine Glue Sticks, 3 pk, 4 for $1
Bic Mechanical Pencils 10 ct. $1.50
Brite liner Highlighters 5 ct., $1.50
Sharpie Marker King Size 1 ct, $1.50
Plastic pencil box or pouch, $1

14.  KMART

While they are not advertising specific school supply deals in their flyer, I have checked out a few prices:

Crayola Crayons, 50 cents
RoseArt Colored Pencils, $1
Crayola  Markers, $1
Crayola Watercolor Sets, $1.50
Sharpies, 2 pk $1
Westcott kids scissors, 73 cents


Many of these items can be purchased online (click here) and have free easy store pickup!

USE THE COUPON – Buy 1 Bic Crystal Pens, 10 ct + 2 bonus $1.17 Use one $1.00/1 – Bic Stationery Product coupon) pay 17 cents.

Crayola Crayons, 24 ct, 50 cents
CrazArt Crayons, 24 ct, 25 cents
CrazArt Markers, 10 ct, 50 cents
Crayola Markers, 10 ct, 97 cents
Large neon erasers, 4 for $1
Composition Books, 50 cents
Decorative Pencils 5 pack, 20 cents
Pencil Sharpeners, 47 cents
PenGear Pencils, 12 ct. 97 cents

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Most of their items are hygiene supplies (Check their entire list HERE) they do offer school and office supplies as well and ALL FOR FREE SHIPPING!

One item is a large bulk case of crayons. (called Dukal Mist Crayons).  They are not in the “Office Supplies”, but in the “Infants and Children” section.  They come in a 4 pack (yellow, red, green and blue crayon), and there is 768 packs in a case for $103.37 with FREE SHIPPING.  That comes to less than 14 cents each pack.  It’s perfect if you do large bulk packing of pencil cases so you can add a small box of crayons to each. MDSUPPLIES

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  1. I cannot find the Walmart school sale items when using your link. 4/$1 Erasers, .25 notepads mainly.

  2. Thanks for gathering this info! After reading, I headed to Menards and picked up scissors, pencil pouches and notebooks. The notebooks will be free (limit 10) after rebate. It was a good shopping trip, I’m excited to add all that to the stash!

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