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Who doesn’t love searching through garage sales and thrift stores?  It’s a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find.  I recently spotted packs and packs of beautiful greeting cards recently at a GoodWill store.  They were promotional items sent out by various charities to their donors.  BUT they had their imprints on the back of each one.  I didn’t want to send a special card with that, so I had an idea!  It was time to UPCYCLE thrift store cards and easily transform them to look like something handmade!

Upcycle Thrift Store Cards and Easily transform them into something special.

There are many ministries that LOVE to receive cards:  Operation Gratitude (for soldiers), Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, and various Facebook groups such as  From the Heart (for the elderly), Comfort and Joy (for adults that need cheer), Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Cards for Kids by Emersyn and more!  You do not need a Facebook account to be able to check out those groups.  You can check out these groups to get names and addresses to send encouraging cards!

Here’s How to Upcycle Thrift Store Cards:

The first thing I did was to carefully rip off the backs.  The scored fold makes the cards easier to tear.  You could be more careful, and use a scissors.

The next step was to trim the fronts.  I used my Fiskars Paper Cutter like THIS ONE from Amazon  to cut around the design. (I LOVE this paper cutter.  I’ve had it for years and it hasn’t dulled yet.  I have the one with the sliding blade, but I find it rips the paper if I’m not careful.)

Purchase cardstock or inexpensive cards.  I picked up this craft paper set from TARGET Dollar Spot.

They were blank Valentine’s Day cards for only $1 for an 8 pack of cards and envelopes (half with red sparkles!).  That is a good deal. BUT I picked them up after the holiday at 75% off or only 25 cents a pack!  It’s one of my best bargains.  However I have purchased several packs from Amazon like THESE and was very happy with the quality.

You could use plain cardstock instead to make a card.  Michaels, AC Moore and JoAnn Fabric sell solid color packs.  Simply fold them in half for a card – OR cut in half for postcards!  That would be a fun!

Now you have your blank cards and the fronts.  It’s time to finally upcycle thrift store cards and transform them.  Let’s have some fun!

Gather your craft supplies.   All your scraps and little bits are perfect for this!  Scrapbook paper, hole punches, tiny ribbon, washi tape, stickers, doilies, even decorative duct tape.  There is no right or wrong here!  This is a perfect time to have the kids help and a wonderful craft to do with scouts, VBS, Sunday School, and adult craft groups.  Your imagination can go wild.  You can even practice your lettering skills.   Add as many paper and sticker layers as you like! It can be as complicated or as simple as you want.  I chose to go fairly simple with mine.

Most of all, HAVE FUN! 

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