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You need to check out the Walmart Easter Clearance!  I was hesitant at first because my local Walmart rarely has the great deals I’ve seen on so many other shopping blogs. I needed some shampoo anyway so I thought I would drop in.  Right at the entrance, I spotted 3 shopping carts with some discounted Easter candy.  I assumed that was the last of the sale.  While my husband waited on line I took a chance and walked to the edge of the Holiday aisles expecting to see empty shelves.  WOW was I surprised!

Why YOU Should Check out Walmart Easter Clearance

There were 3 fully stocked aisles stuffed with all of the Walmart Easter Clearance! Everything was 75% off (April 21).

walmart easter clearance stuffed animals discount

Walmart Easter Clearance Stuffed Animals

One area had stuffed animals, all now under $5 or less with the discount.  I spotted an additional pallet with the largest stuffies and they were all just $2.49.  One little lamb sang “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”.  It was adorable and what a buy for $2.49.

The larger animals would be perfect for local shelter, foster care or hospital donations.  Some local firehouses and police stations like to give out stuffed animals to children during crisis situations.

There was another full aisle at the Walmart Easter Clearance full of plastic Easter Eggs.  What could you possibly do with those you might say.  Well I have several great ideas for you.  CHECK OUT THIS POST!

Walmart Easter clearance discount Easter Eggs

I also saw toys, baskets, pencils, Easter grass, etc.  The toys and pencils are great for Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.

Finally I saw a full display of Easter Egg coloring kits.  Those are also full of stickers and tatoos.  Those are fun to include in shoebox gifts, or pencil cases for backpack projects.  The colored dyes could be used in several crafts.  I just saw a very creative woman use the metal egg dye handles to make rings by bending them.  Adorable.

By shopping frugally we have more money in our family budget.  By donating frugally we can help more people for less!  Think goody bags for birthdays, stuffed animals for birthdays, baby showers or new baby gifts and Easter Eggs for sewing kits.  Be creative!  It’s a great way to think out of the box and upcycle or donate all of these inexpensive items!  For all these reasons and more you should check out your local Walmart Easter Clearance sale!


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