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Barbara shared her 10 Ten Tips on How To Get FREE YARN (or really cheap yarn) in a Facebook group (Shoe Boxes Through the Year).  I’m so excited that Barbara said I could share all of them with you!  JOY with Purpose is all about bargain shopping and crafting to be able to frugally donate to charities around the world.  Think of all the special items you can make that will be so cherished by those in need.  Here are some free tutorials I’ve posted that can definitely use all your new found yarn! 

Here are Barbara’s Top Ten Tips to get FREE YARN:

“I donate well over 100 items a year to various charities (including Operation Christmas Child) and I pride myself on never paying more than $1 a skein for yarn, often less than 50c, and usually nothing at all.  I thought I’d share some of my methods.  Hopefully this will help others get great deals!”

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1.  CRAFT/CHURCH GROUPS:  Many churches, libraries and non-profits have knitting/crocheting/craft groups.  They often have bins full of donated yarn.  (I know our little church has at least four bins full.) Usually if you ask, they will tell you to take whatever you need.

2.  GARAGE SALES:  Visit church and school garage/rummage sales on the very last day.  If you go in as they are closing up, you can usually find yarn for 50c a skein or less.  Tell them about your charity and they may even lower the price or give it to you!  Church sales particularly are eager to get rid of everything at the end.

3.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS:  Tell all your friends and co-workers that you are looking for yarn.  Put up a notice in your church bulletin or on Facebook.  Often people purchase way too much (not me of course! lol) and are only happy to clear out their closets and attics!

4.  ESTATES:  Occasionally someone passes on and leaves a large amount of yarn that no one in the family wants.  They are blessed to think that Grandma’s yarn is being put to good use.  I am always astonished at the sheer volume of yarn I get this way.

5.  ONLINE FREEBIE GROUPS:  Go to Freecycle, Craig’s List or local Facebook Free Groups and request yarn.  (Note from Mary – I’ve gotten carloads of yarn this way!  One piece of advice – for safety reasons I never go alone and I never go inside a house.  They can easily leave items on the porch for you to pick up.)

6.  RAVELRY:  Join Ravelry   Not only do you get access to thousands of free patterns, but they have a bulletin board called Random Acts of Kindness where you can request (and offer) yarn.  (Out of courtesy, they do ask that you be a member for month before asking for anything).

People love to donate if they know their items will be put to good use.  Tell them about your charities.  Show or post pictures of the ministry and how socks, gloves, scarves etc. are so desperately needed.  Send them pictures of your finished items!

tips to get free yarn to crochet my Aunt Ida hat pattern7.  THRIFT STORES:  Pop into your local thrift store on half price discount day and poke around.  Sometimes they have yarn, sometimes they don’t.  I have picked up great bargains at thrift stores.

8. UPCYLE YARN:  Do you (or your friends) have WIP (works in progress) that you never intend to finish?  Unravel them!  Why continue to store them where they remain useless and unloved.  Unravel those projects and start something new and wonderful.   Some friends have even unraveled sweaters they’ve had or gotten from thrift stores.

9.  LOCAL YARN SHOP:  Check the ones in your area (especially if you patronize it).  You can ask if they have any partial skeins that have been returned that can’t be resold.  Some yarn shops need samples knit up for display purposes.  Often they will let you have the yarn.  They might even give you the pattern if you agree to let the finished item be on display for six months or something.

10.  BIG CRAFT STORES:  You won’t be able to get Free Yarn, but definitely get it for a discount at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc.  Shop the sales and use coupons.  Often JoAnns and Michaels sometimes have mill ends or “Fashion Plus” bags of yarn for $8.99 regular price.  Usually you can use coupons and/or sales to knock the price down more than half that, and there’s usually the equivalent of 4-5 large skeins in a bag.  Another tip – often the yarn on sale is more expensive than purchasing it at Regular Price and then you use a 40 or 50% off coupon.  PLUS Michaels has 10-15% off every day discounts for teachers, military and seniors on top of salesCHECK HERE for info.  JoAnns has senior discount day several times a year.  JoAnns, Michaels and ACMoore also accept competitor’s coupons – make sure to bring the highest value. (Michaels usually only allows 1 coupon per purchase.  ACMoore and JoAnns sometimes allows a few coupons if they are from different stores, however this will depend on their local policies.)

There are also a couple of surprising bargain stores where you can get yarn.  Tuesday Morning stocks yarn (mostly higher-end). It’s too expensive for me at regular price, but there may be some in the clearance section for less than a dollar.  Some Big Lots stores carry yarn in their small craft section.  It is never on sale, but several times a year the entire store is 20% off.  That is the perfect time to pick up a few skeins.

Tips on how to get free yarn

Here are 2 extra TIPS to get FREE YARN:

*Tell your loved ones that you would love some really pretty yarn for Birthdays or Mother’s Day.  It doesn’t have to be your main gift, lol!  But a skein in a fun color is a lovely little extra surprise gift.  And great to include in a Christmas stocking!

*If someone you know is traveling and wants to bring you a souvenir, tell them to pop into a local yarn shop and pick up some yarn from that area.

Thanks Barbara!  Hopefully if you follow her tips to get FREE YARN – your stash will be overflowing as well!

Here are some free tutorials I’ve posted that can definitely use all your new found yarn! 

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This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small amount from the company mentioned in this post. For more info check my full disclosure statement.




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8 comments on “FREE YARN (or Really Cheap) and How to Get It”

  1. I’d gladly accept some of your yarn stash, since you have “more than you will use in a lifetime” I’m looking for free. I’m looking for a variety of colors to crochet around baby print flannel. They are then given away, local facilities which aide young mothers with nothing.

    • Hi Betty – This post is a quote from Barbara (not me) who crafts and donates to several charities herself. These are her tips on how you can go about getting yarn. She herself got yarn from all of those suggestions. They are great ideas. Hopefully one of them can help you as well.

  2. My name is Heather Hessler, when I became disabled I started a project /charity crochetING winter wear for the less fortunate / homeless men , women and children in my area. There is no crochet for charity here, so it’s just me. One woman crocheting day and night to make winter wear for these people. When I come across blogs like this, I tell my story, the short version. I do buy yarn all through the year, but on a fixed income, it’s very hard. So, I always ask for help from everyone! I never have enough yarn! If you can help, that would be wonderful. My email is:
    Thank you for reading about my charity.

  3. These are great tips for crafters. I crochet a little, so I will be checking out various sites. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best. Hope to see more of you.

  4. My sister and I began making winter scarves for the homeless in Indianapolis. We have a huge number of homeless and our winters are fridged. In less than 1 yr we have crocheted 100+ and bought all the yarn ourselves. Any donation of yarn would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Connie! I don’t donate yarn, perhaps you misunderstood the post. These are great tips on how you can acquire yarn for your various projects. God bless your efforts!

  5. I think that when one crafts with limited resources and read about others’ efforts, it automatically prompts one to ask for donations of craft materials. I qualified for Disability in 1998, but started charity knitting long before that. My county doesn’t have any provisions for homeless people. Neither shelter nor soup kitchen exists here, yet there is need. All throughout the year, I knit warm hats for those such people. I can’t give them money, but I can help to retain much of their body heat. I can count on one hand the number of people who have answered my requests for free yarn, the most recent one a friend from my church. (I’m currently also trying to get a wheelchair-accessible ramp for my trailer, and have appealed to my church family.) I have always wanted to be a part of the “shoebox ministry” and I also sponsor a child in Indonesia. I regret that I can’t knit for her, but every year I give away hundreds of my hats. Thanks for posting this reprint of information.

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