Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes

School Supplies!  Our kids need them, schools need them, and local and overseas charities are begging for them.  Did you know that in many countries, children cannot attend school if they don’t have the necessary school supplies?  For the want of a pencil, they could miss weeks of necessary education!  For that reason I LOVE gathering school supplies and donating filled pencil cases!  But how can I can I do that with my limited budget?  By using things I found around the house and making Upcycled Pencil Cases from Cereal and Soda Boxes!


Easy Crocheted Flowers: Use Up Your Yarn Scraps

Recently I found great deals on hair elastics and headbands.  Since they were plain, I wanted to add something to make them extra special.  I experimented with my yarn scraps (leftover from crocheting my “Aunt Ida” hats), and made a bunch of easy crocheted flowers.


Dover Publications Little Books Sale Plus Discount Code

I LOVE Dover Publications!  Have you ever browsed the gift stores at museums and historical sites?  What mom hasn’t – it’s the highlight of every field trip!  Most of the high quality books there are from Dover.  All of their items are printed according to high standards with thick paper and rich color printing.   Get in on this deal today:  the Dover Publications Little Books Sale!


Easy Doll to Sew: Great Beginner Sewing Project

Easy Doll to Sew

A few months ago, one of my Facebook readers showed me a fabric design she created.  It is now ready for purchase! YAY!  I asked Donna (dmDesigns) to share a little about her background, and how she uses this fabric.   What an easy doll to sew!  It would be perfect for a beginner sewing project!  OR how about a VBS craft?  Scout badge project? 4-H?


How to Make a Glittery Barbie Necklace

DIY How to Make a Barbie Necklace

I love playing with Barbies!  For me the absolute best part has always been the miniature accessories!  I have a whole box of tiny bits and bobs that I package together with a Barbie gift.   I love including them in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.   I’ve collected or made purses, little books, umbrellas, ribbons, shoes, flowers, etc.  But today I’ll show you the EASIEST way to make a Glittery Barbie necklace!  It’s a simple DIY!


Coupon Savings! Deals and Steals this Week!

Coupon Savings for Target, Macy's, Dollar General, Toys R Us and Christmas Tree Shops

There are SO MANY coupon savings this week!  Instead of individual posts, I thought I’d do a Deals and Steals roundup!  These items are perfect to frugally shop for your family AND to donate to various charities – just what this blog is all about!  All the deals expire soon, so read the fine print and act quickly!


Top 10 Free Mother’s Day Printables For Kids

Top 10 FREE Mother's Day Printables for Kids

I found lots of great FREE Mother’s Day Printables!  While I am all about being frugal, you can still print out and craft something fabulous.  Here are cards, poems, crafts, and gifts for teens, tweens, younger kids and toddlers to give their Moms, their Grandmothers, favorite Aunts and Caregivers! My Mom and Aunts were the greatest influences in my life.


New Harbor Freight Coupons! Good for May 2017

new harbor freight coupons for the month of May 2017

I am always excited when I get either the new flyer or a new email about Harbor Freight!  Today I found the new Harbor Freight coupons that are good through the entire month of May (2017)!


How To Make Wire Rings From a Surprising Source!

What a surprise I had when I saw this craft!  I met Rilla on Facebook.  She is one of the most creative persons I know.  Every day she is crafting something wonderful and new for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Each craft is more ingenious than the next and frequently upcycles items to frugally create wonderful items children will love!  I hope to do a series of Rilla’s crafts – but today she is sharing “How to Make Wire Rings from a very surprising source!” 


Why You Should Check Out the Walmart Easter Clearance!

Why YOU Should Check out Walmart Easter Clearance

You need to check out the Walmart Easter Clearance!  I was hesitant at first because my local Walmart rarely has the great deals I’ve seen on so many other shopping blogs.